Cutest Puppy Video

hannahmarielaneOctober 17, 2009

Dear Everyone,

I want to share this cute puppy video I found. It's really fun and heartwarming to watch while puppies and kittens play together. I shared it to my family and we really had a great time smiling and laughing throughout the video. I hope this can bring you smiles too.

Please click the link below.. :)

Have fun!

Much love,


Here is a link that might be useful: Cute puppy video

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Thanks for sharing.

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The puppies in the video are sooo cute. I really love it. Thank you very much for sharing this. Such videos always make me smile and feel better when I am sad. If someone has more such videos I would really appreciate if you would post them here. If I find one I will definitely post it here.

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Here is a link that might be useful: Husky Puppies

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I'm sorry........but am I the only one that just sees scared puppies and kittens. It appears the pups would like to get to the person behind the camera and the frightened kittens are blocking their access. I found it uncomfortable to watch.

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Annz, I haven't watched, and typically do not watch these offerings exactly because of the misreading that most people do when observing animal beahvior. There's another one going around that apparantly won an America's Home Video contest and it upsets me. An obviously anxious and ill dog is found to be 'cute and funny' because he turns and backs up to a safe room as his owner asks repeatedly 'who made this mess?' There's a laugh track on that one :(

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I watched the video....and it wasn't out of line. The cats weren't terrified, just exhibiting what cats do when approached, and just a few seconds later, they were just scoping each other out. Had they been a few months older, that would have taken it too far.

I don't think the FHV episode about the dog is anything they should encourage. They say not to do anything to harm an animal, but if this isn't mental cruelty what is? Ditto people hurting themselves and men getting hit in the crotch. What is funny about that?

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Here is an adorable video of a little girl playing with a bunch of husky puppies. So cute!

Here is a link that might be useful: Adorable husky puppy video

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