timmy didn't fall into the well... but....

cindyandmochaOctober 25, 2010

Rusty was a really cool dog this weekend.

Rusty is a 13 yr old belgian malinois adopted at 3 yrs old. One of my dogs, Mocha (11 yrs old now) has epilepsy and has seizures now and then. He is on medication for that. He sometimes has seizures every 2 or 3 months now.

Yesterday morning (around 4 am) I went to the bathroom. I was up waaaay too late. I heard a thumping as I was taking off my makeup etc... and thought, "what the hell?? nahh... its nothing".

When suddenly Ginger (also 11 yrs old) and Rusty come running into the bathroom on the other side of the house where I was. Rusty begins to "cry". You know... that whimpering whiney cry that dogs sometimes do when they are trying to alarm you.

So I went to check the den on the other side of the house, and sure enough, Mocha was having a grand mal seizure. I was actually surprised that Rusty came to tell me about this. He's not my smartest dog honestly. He does think he is beta though (next to me as alpha), but he really is not the smartest dog on the planet.

I was appreciative.. and more than a little surprised at Rusty's initiative. I did the procedures I do when Mocha has a seizure, ice packs etc.. And I was grateful to Rusty for letting me know. Man, he totally alerted me to a problem.

Man, dogs amaze me... and Rusty truly amazed me. He made sure I knew something "was wrong". I've always sort of thought of Rusty as my "forrest gump" dog. Not my brightest, but very submissive and sweet. But this morning, he was also my alarm. He KNEW something was wrong and let me know about it. I am totally rethinking what I thought about Rusty's intelligence.

Dogs are amazing creatures.

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good boy, rusty!! i agree, dogs ARE amazing! last winter, i went to bed one night and ashley, my senior dane, would NOT let me sleep. she kept nudging me and then walking back into the kitchen and barking her head off. this was SO unlike her, usually she just curls up next to me and she's asleep in an instant. not this night...nudge, bark, nudge, bark. she kept walking back into the kitchen and then back to me. i finally got up to see what the heck was bothering her. i found her in the kitchen, standing at the counter, barking at a candle i had left lit!! i couldn't believe my eyes! she got an extra cookie that night. as soon as i blew the candle out, she crawled up in my bed and was asleep before i even got back in there!

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Awww... great stories, both of you.

So glad Rusty is lloking out for his friend! Ans so glad Ashley is looking out for you Nina!

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murraysmom Zone 6 OH

Wow, what great dogs you have!!! I hope if I ever have a crisis that Fred and Carmelita come to my rescue. This was one time you didn't mind Rusty being a tattletale!!!! Lucky you. You too, ninapearl! Dogs are the best!!!

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Aww.. what a good boy! He deserves extra hugs for that. Dogs are, indeed, wonderful and more intelligent than we realize sometimes. I'd have more than just 2 if I had a huge fenced in yard.

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It's amazing isnt it, great stories cindi and nina. I can't say any of my dogs have ever done something like that, geez I think mine are really clever when they alert me they need to go out to potty at night :)

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Very smart dogs you have. Rusty can probably even tell you a few minutes before they happen too.

Once when I was mowing I wondered what mine would do if I suddenly "collapsed". So I picked a nice clean spot and crumpled to the ground. LOL not a darn thing! They didn't even come lick or try to play, what's this new game. Allrighty then I'll just keep my cell phone on me.

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Great stories! Thanks for sharing them. :o)

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spedigrees z4VT

Wonderful stories of two amazing creatures indeed! Dogs have such a keen sense of ethics and devotion to their families, both human and canine.

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Kim, your story made me remember when I shattered my ankle.

I was cleaning the stalls int he barn, both dogs were off leash in those days, but with me ... I stepped up to the manure pile to empty the wheelbarrow, when I came down, my ankle shattered ... no one ever determined why.

I obviously went down with a cry ... both dogs came running over to me and were frantic about what happened to me. I called to the kids across the street to get their Mom and for her to call 911 ... they had just thought I was playing with the dogs on the ground. LOL ... I can laugh now.

I spent a couple of days in the hospital, it took a while to find a surgeon and then I had to get my strength back enough to walk with cructhes, which was new to me.

I ended up going to my sisters house for a couple of days before heading home, my Mom had gone to my house to bring my dogs to me, and only my female (Brandi) would come. Dakota was still feaked out and wouldn't get into the car with my Mom.

When Brandi came in the door at my sisters house, she started barking madly and I could hear her nails scrabbling on the floor as she tried to find me. She basically launched herself into my lap when she saw me ... and then wouldn't leave unless I went too.

So, if you were really hurt, and hopefully never are ... I bet they will surprise you!

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