Landscaping over Septic System

beachvolJune 29, 2011

We are building a new home. We have just installed the septic system and will have a very small back yard, 50ft / 25ft. I know I can install pavers over the tank as long as I leave room for access to the hole covers. I know I can plant grass and shallow plants over the liech field. I am wondering what else I can do over the field. Can I put field stone for walk ways and such? Any tips will be appreciated as we are very new to this. Thanks

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You really need to adress your question to your local AHJ.

Grass over the leachfield is vital to the operation of a septic tank. In one neighboring community near here they will not even allow you to put a picnic table over the leachfield because they say it would encourage excessive foot traffic which would be detrimental to the grass....go figure

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