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sequoia_2007June 30, 2011


I just ordered a water softening system from Ohio Pure Water today. I made sure I got the gravel bed and top basket you recommended, but ordered the 3/4â stainless bypass valve with flexible hose kit instead of Noryl bypass with a 3/4" male thread yoke you recommended. What is the reason to get the Noryl bypass valve instead of the stainless bypass valve? It is not listed as an option on the Ohio Pure Water site, but can be ordered. The salesperson said they sell 50 stainless bypass valves for every single Noryl bypass valve sold.

Here is the system I ordered.

Ohio Pure Water

BTW, thank you for the information you provide on this site.


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I favor the Noryl bypass valve because it is shallower and you can get the softener closer to the wall. also, While the body of the SS bypass is stainless steel the guts and lever are not... I have seen them corrode and bind.

Since OPWC and ALL online softener seller drop ship from regional wholesalers EVERYTHING has to be ordered. It is as EZ for them to order the Noryl bypass as to order the SS.

They sell 50-1 SS bypasses because SS is a buzzword and they don't know why the Noryl is better. If SS is better then why do ALL the softener control valve manufacturers sell Noryl valves?

Sometimes you can't teach an old dog new tricks and sometimes you can't teach an old dog any tricks at all.

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If you download the Fleck 2510 manual from the Fleck web site
click here for 2510 manual you will see the Noryl bypass illustrated on page 26

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Thank you for the manual link. I spoke with Charles at Ohio Pure Water this morning and changed over to the Noryl bypass. Charles has been very helpful and made ordering and making changes very easy.

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I have heard nothing but good things about OPWC and have referred many people to them.

They do not seem to program their softeners for the most efficient operation though... but that is very common among online sellers.

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