Shut off valve on 1/2' supply line to toilet

nayr1223June 7, 2011

Kind of confused and need some explanation. Had to remove the toilet cause we are getting new linoleum installed in bathroom. My supply valve had seized up so I was going to replace it. I shut the main water supply off in the house. I turned all of the faucets on and also the showers. The toilets are the lowest point of water coming up threw the floor to the house. When I drained everything and went to cut the CPVC line there was still a little bit of water that tried to seep out. It wasn't spraying or gushing just trickling out the cut end. I got the new end on without much mess but was curious if it was leftover pressure in the line from a higher water source in house.

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There will always be a bit left in the pipes. Since it was the lowest point and you had the faucets open, it drained out.

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"...just trickling out...."

There's your clue. That isn't "pressure" other than gravity acting on what remains in the pipes. Weedmeister is correct. Annoying because it seems to go on forever.

When you replace those valves, use 1/4-turn ball-valves. If you use the el-cheapos you just removed you're going round again with frozen valves when you most need to be able to close them. The ball valves cost more but so little more there really isn't any excuse not to buck up and do it right.

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