ejpipJune 4, 2012

My water softener stopped working after 20 years. I checked with the water department and the total hardness of my water is 7gpg. I certainly notice a difference with the feel of my water without the softener but don't know if I should be looking at another softener with the 7gpg. If was suggested that I look at the Housetron by fluid dynamics as an alternative so my husband does not have to lug bags of salt up and down the steps. I was wondering if anyone has seen this unit in action. Thanks.

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Bump. #7 is worth softening, IMHO. Ion-exchange softeners are the benchmark. Everything else is controversial. That controversy has been addressed ad-naseum on this forum. Use the search function.

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I did a search... and found one thread. This one. The guy at my plumbing supply house says he has sold many Housetrons, and his customers all say their water is more soft after installation. He said he is building a new house and will install a Housetron after his whole house filter (most of which do not reduce hardness). I see many people posting (here and elsewhere) that say the Housetron is snake-oil - but I've never read one review by someone who had actually tried (or tested) it and then said it didn't work.

Anyone can say it won't work; one guy who sells them says it may sound fishy, but it does work. How hard would it be to have one's water tested before and after installation? Surely someone, somewhere, has done this!

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Looks fishy... sounds fishy... there are no independent scientific studies listed on the Fluid Dynamics web site to sustain their claims only "testimonials" and not publishing pricing on their web site is well... alarming to say the least. I can see why Fluid Dynamics refers to their products as a GREEN SOLUTION cause it will definitely increase the GREEN in their bank account.

You can be the first to buy one, use it for one year (they say FULL MONEY BACK GUARANTEE for ONE YEAR), then test the water before and after... then share your results and opinion. If you're not satisfied see how easy it will be to get your money back and whether you eat the shipping and there are restocking charges.

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