Vigo faucets

jhough1925June 4, 2012

Anyone have any opinions on Vigo kitchen sink faucets??

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I ordered a Vigo kitchen faucet last year from overstock but I didn't like it and returned it. I had one with a pull-out spray head - and I can't remember what the issue was whether it had a drip problem or the head wouldn't retract right. They do have a lifetime warranty and I liked that.

Not to plug costco - but this past month we purchased 2 Handsgrohe kitchen faucets from them and I think it was a bargain at $159. It comes with a spray-head - just check out the Costco website - they were not available at my local Costco- but it was free shipping. Really well built, 2.2gpm which passed my recent CA plumbing inspection. and they feel well made & solid. They are a Stainless finish which matched all the Satin nickel in my kitchen. I think I actually like the color of the Stainless Hansgrohe more than my Concord Satin nickel pot filler. Plus if you have a problem with an online Costco order- you can just return it at your local store.

I do still own the Vigo Nolita Shower panel - and I am stuck with it for now since it is installed in the shower - in retrospect - I would not have bought it. It is very apparent that it is cheaply made.

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ps - the Vigo shower panel i have just started leaking - we took it down and it's an internal part at the back of the top where the shower head comes out - so now I have to call the company and see if they will send a replacement.

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my mom has a vigo kitchen pull down faucet and she hasn't had any issues since it was installed 2012.

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