I need birthday present ideas

ms_minnamouseOctober 5, 2010

It's going to be my standard poodle's 10th birthday on the 27th of this month and I need some birthday present ideas for this special day.

She already has basically everything a dog could want so I need some ingenious, creative, and original, ideas.

She sleeps in my bed and is allowed on all the furniture so she doesn't need a dog bed and she's indoors so she doesn't need a dog house. We avoid chicken, beef, wheat, and corn, in her diet due to allergies (we're not sure which she's allergic to but stay on the safe side and avoid all four). She gets lots of treats and has baskets full of toys. She's pretty lazy so chase toys and exercise things wouldn't be overly enjoyed by her.

I usually get her a "lot" of toys (like 20+) and some chews but want to get something special this year. I don't mind getting several presents. Money isn't an issue.

Thanks for suggestions and ideas!

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HAPPY BIRTHDAY PUPPERS!! how about a few hours at a doggy daycare where she can run and play and **gasp** roll in the dirt? i found a GREAT doggy daycare about an hour away from me. it's entirely cage-free, staffed 24/7. i've taken my dogs there twice and they have had an absolute blast! when i pick them up, their tongues are hanging out and they are grinning from ear to ear. :)

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Maybe more for you than for her-- how about finding a professional pet photographer and having a nice portrait done of her?

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How about a doggie massage? I've seen advertisements in my area for someone who does dog massages ...

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Make a contribution in her honor to a poodle rescue, or any organization which helps homeless or needy dogs. Your dog doesn't need anything, but thousands of other dogs do. Happy birthday to your sweet girl.

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I like the doggy day care idea but it's not for her, she's a homebody.

Cynthia, I make a lot of donations all the time and volunteer a lot of my time as well to many different animal organizations. I want to get something for her that she'd enjoy. This day is supposed to be about her.

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How about a puppy to keep her company and maybe get her more active.?

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Lol. That would be for my birthday! But that wouldn't work, my parents would never agree to another dog.

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