Pur2O--Anyone know this company?

Jean PopowitzJune 26, 2010

This company contacted my builder. I looked at the website but don't see much info & don't know enough to tell if they are legit. They did offer to do a water test. I have contacted Kinetico but don't expect to hear from them until Monday.

Here is their link: http://www.pur2o.com/about.html

We did end up buying the house despite the uncertainty of the water situation. We plan to get a system in place a.s.a.p.


Here is a link that might be useful: link to my previous post

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An aesthetically pleasing web site but their statement "Using the very latest technology, Green Touch eliminates scaling and hardness build up without adding salt to your water or to the environment" defines their ignorance and/or stupidity,

No ion exchange water softener adds SALT to the service water... NONE, not one single grain of salt.

Salt is NaCl which is sodium chloride. Ion exchange softeners exchange SODIUM ions for hardness ions. Hard water will have more sodium ions after it has been softened but NO additional salt. Sodium (which is an ELEMENT) is NOT salt... sodium chloride (which is a COMPOUND) is salt.

To post that completely false statement on their website is a GIANT RED FLAG.

Regarding your situation, there's no difficulty in defining what you need to treat the well water now. The reality that remains is that after spending what you'll need to to treat the well water now you'll abandon that equipment in two years for other equipment to treat the city water you'll be hooking up to.

I recommend that you ask the Kinetico dealer if you can rent the equipment you need to treat the well now and return it in two years when you get on city water and buy the equipment you'll need then? A more cost effective solution and you'll get a chance to see how well the Kinetico dealer treats their customers with a very minimal cash outlay.

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Jean Popowitz

hmmmm, interesting that I may be able to rent now & buy later.

What bothered me about the Pur2O website is that they didn't say what they did do instead of adding the "salt". What is their latest technology? One of the two main people lives in my neighborhood, so I guess I will be hearing from them. Can you tell me what questions I should be asking about this softener and the RO system?



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If you want to pursue Pur2O then I've already given my opinion on them.

Knowing what questions to ask is of little importance if you don't have the knowledge to qualify the answers you get and the knowledge to know that you got what you were told you'd get and that it is doing what you were told it would do..

If you want to look into alternative technologies then you can do some reading by clicking right here

You will be better served dealing with the Kinetico dealer. Kinetico is a reputable company that has been around a long time and has built up a large and loyal customer base.

Is is common for Kinetico dealers to rent, rent to own, and sell outright.

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"o ion exchange water softener adds SALT to the service water... NONE, not one single grain of salt. "

While technically correct, they do add sodium, and that is the ion that can cause problems for some people.

It is not uncommon to say 'salt restricted diet' when the actual diet is 'sodium restricted.'

One common 'salt substitute' is potassium chloride, another salt, but without the sodium that causes most of the problems people have.

And yes, you can taste the sodium in treated water.

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Sodium dissolved in water does not taste like salt water. To say that SALT is added tickles the mind to be ready to taste salt water and that is wrong.

The amount of sodium or potassium exchanged into hard water to make it soft is dependent on the hardness of the untreated water. The harder the water the more sodium or potassium ions are exchanged.

A little light reading about the minute amount of sodium added to softenen water... http://cru.cahe.wsu.edu/CEPublications/eb1525/eb1525.html

The subject of the taste of water and/or the taste of what is in the water is completely subjective and entirely dependent on the sensitivity of the palette of the person doing the tasting and a generalization such as "And yes, you can taste the sodium in treated water" is misleading and only one tongue's opinion.

The taste of untreated water will vary dramatically depending on what is in the untreated water and the taste of sodium or potassium will manifest itself differently in 1 gpg hard water than in 20 gpg hard water cause there's simply more of the sodium or potassium being exchanged into the water to soften it.

Add to that the varying ability of many people to taste anything at all and the variables add up and up.

To know what your softened water tastes like is to taste it yourself.

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"Sodium dissolved in water does not taste like salt water."

You can sure taste the sodium. am I am far form the only person who can.

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While you'll admit that I am technically correct stating that NO salt is exchanged into hard water to make it soft please note that we are discussing chemistry and physics where technical correctness is at the core of those sciences.

Sodium is not SALT. Sodium CHLORIDE is SALT. Sodium has a distinct taste but it does not taste like SALT it tastes like sodium.

Read what I type not what you want to see.

I am not saying that sodium can not be tasted in soft water. I am saying that some people can taste it in low hardness water and some can't. That as the hardness of the water increases the amount of sodium exchanged into the water increases and more people are apt to taste it.

There are remedies available for those who don't like the taste.

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You are just a lurker......whatever that means...it doesn't sound good, anyway.
Sodium or salt that is what they meant. It is put in plain language so that all the people that are not so chemistry inclined like you, can understand.
Be more positive and don't judge. Pur2o is a very knowledgeable company, great service. I reccommend it to everyone.

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mmt217 - Kudos for resurrecting a two-year-old thread do say that two different things really mean the same thing.

It is precisely because people are not chemistry inclined that it is so very important to use the correct terms. If Pur2O is a knowledgeable company, as you say, then they know the difference. If we don't insist on the correct terms then how are we to have any kind of meaningful conversation? A simple illustration: If I am speaking about your car and keep saying oil when I really mean gasoline (after all they are both petroleum products with somewhat similar chemical structure and most people really aren't chemically inclined) that should be just fine. It could lead you to do something stupid based on the wrong information, but it's all good, right?

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