APEC Water R/O Systems

rickazJune 17, 2006

I am looking for the best reverse osmosis system to put under my kitchen sink for drinking and cooking water. I have looked at a lot of websites, but am not sure which one to purchase. Can anyone recommend a good system? The APEC system looks good, but so does the Watts Premier at Costco.



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This Watts Premier sold at Sam's Club is a good deal. It uses standard sized filters and membrane. Sells for less than $200 ...

click here for the Sam's Club Watts RO

This one that Costco sells with the one-piece manifold uses slightly different sized membranes ...

click here for the Costco Watts RO

Watts Premier has been around for a long time, their 800 number rings in Arizona (not India) and they stand behind their products.

Have you had your water tested? Are you using a water softener?

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I put a Watts system under my sink a few months ago. We're quite satisfied with it. Installation was straightforward EXCEPT...you need to have a sink with an available opening to mount the R/O treated water dispensing valve, or be prepared to use a hole saw to drill one.

Drilling a hole in my OLD cast iron sink was impossible without buying a tool that would have cost as much as a new sink.....so we got a new sink and faucet. [It was time to replace them anyway.] The R/O valve is mounted in the hole intended for the soap dispenser.

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Looks like the one from Costco is better based on the comparison. Opinions?

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Both Wattspremier ROs are equal quality, equal reliability, and about the same performance.

The difference, as stated earlier in this thread, is that the RO at Costco (click here for WP-5 RO ) uses a non standard membrane and restrictor so membrane availablility is more limited than the RO sold at Sam's Club (clcik here for TFM-5SV RO ) which uses a standard membrane available most anywhere.

I'd rather have the TFM-5SV, easier to get membranes for and not a proprietary design.

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Product update...

Was just a my local Costco and they are now offering the Watts Premier WP4V RO click here for WP4V specs

This RO uses a VOC post (polish filter) that (only seems to be) available from Watts Premier.

I'd opt for the standard design TFM-5SV but that's just my opinion.

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We're in the middle of a full kitchen remodel, will be using 3cm Silestone. I just called Watts to ask if we can use their RO system. They said the Costco RO will be an easy install (using Silestone/granite), is a better system, and super easy to change filters. Oh, and it's cheaper!

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