Is Cardamom toxic to cats

mal045October 22, 2012

I have a 12 year old tuxedo tom named Adam. He loves to chew on my used herbal tea bags. I bought a new kind that contained Cardamom, of course he chew on the bag. I came home to find a very sick kitty. Our vet treated him for a reaction and the only thing that I can come up with that was new in the house was the cardamom in my tea. Could that caused a reaction in him?

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Anything is possible, but I did some research and everything I found said that cardamom was healthful. No warnings about any bad effects.

Could your cat have swallowed the tea bag itself or the tag with the staple?

Is there something that is not new that he could have recently found and eaten?

Sounds like it's time to put things where he can't get to them.
(In our home we have to hide plastic bags because we have one cat that likes to chew off the handles)

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