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lecuzzJune 2, 2010

I am totally clueless. I saw a moen branftord faucet that sells without the valve. Why do other faucets come with a valve or don't need one and this one does? Does it complicate the plumbing to have to use this special valve? If I need to replace the faucet, will I always need to use the same type of Moen because I had to buy a specific valve? Hope my questions made sense...

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Go web searching and see if this "moen brantford faucet" appears for sale without its valve, in some or all of the offerings. Post again with your findings.

If I don't see any response, or reasonable discussion about this, I'll ask the moderators to delete this thread as it may just be senseless promotion of "moen ..."

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I am sorry if my post doesn't make sense. It appears that moen is sold without the valve but I am not sure why. In general, do all faucets come with valves? In general does each specific faucet need to match its own valve by that brand.

Fwiw, I am defintely not promoting any brand. I am trying to figure out if its a bad thing that the faucet doesnt automatically come with valve.

Again I apologize if my post doesn't make sense or is an improper question.

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Faucets are mostly sold with the valve if used in the kitchen sink or bath sinks. The shower and Roman Tub faucets are sold with and without the valve. The valves in these cases are in back of the tile or under the tub. So once you have the valve you can purchase new trim kits that will work with the valve. You canÂt mix manufactures valves and trim kits, you have to use Moen trim kits with Moen valves. Once you have the valve you can contact the manufacturer to see what trim kits will work with the valve.

Hope this helps

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The Brantford is a series of faucet products which includes both sink and shower types. The sink faucets come complete. When you buy one of these shower faucets you do need to specify the type of valve (IPS or CC connection, with or without stops). There are some online retailers who will sell you the faucet without the valve, but then you don't have a complete faucet.

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stash-hdy and ramona1976 -thanks for all your help! It definitely clarifies things for me. Ramona1976- that is exactly what I saw, some online retailers selling without the valve for a bath faucet. I couldnt figure out why they were selling it like that for the particular model I was interested in and not other models by the same manufacturer.

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I liked the brantford! but when I saw it needed a valve I priced the one they listed and it is $75. Now my $150 faucets it over $200. I immediately crossed this one off my list.

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