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I came across this internet site and found some very favorable reviews of Petzlife oral spray and gel. Claims to easily get rid of tarter on dog's teeth and makes them perfectly white.

Has anyone tried this and does it work?

don't know if the link will work

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Never tried it but I'd have my doubts. First doubt is that most owners wouldn't stick to a routine of 2x/day for a month (including brushing), daily for another month, and then every 2-3 days after that.

The other is, after being a dental assistant, I know how hard tarter is and that it doesn't easily has to be scraped.
My major concern would be whether the product causes any damage to the gums/teeth.

It will be interesting to see if anyone has postivie results.
The site reminds me of all the ads for the perfect remover of lime deposits around your sink. Haven't found one yet ..........other than a knife!

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I haven't used it myself, but on another board I visit it got pretty favourable reviews: (you could go there and do a search).

Personally I feed a raw diet so the RMBs (raw, meaty bones) keep their teeth very clean.

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Thanks for your feedback and the link.

annz I know scrapping is the best method. But isn't there some type of product that could dissolve tarter or plague? I wouldn't expect it to perform as well as scrapping and I know it would not help the tarter under the gum which is so important to remove.

I have seen so many products on the market for this but the couple I tried didn't do anything. I am getting concerned about dental cleanings on animals as they get older.

Your are right about the diet olga. The current dog I have now had perfectly white teeth when I got him but he had only eaten dry food. Due to health reasons he can not eat that now and very quickly with the change in diet, his teeth look like they have plague on them.

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Two of my dogs are on raw and have sparkly teeth and fresh breath.The third is medically compromised and I switched him to EVO this spring, which is as good as it gets for non-raw diet. I do wipe his teeth daily with a gauze pad soaked with chlorhexidine solution and that works well and is easier than brushing. You might try that, it's pretty simple approach and is working well for us. There's also a product called 'PlaqueOff' which you might want to check into. My only reservation on using it would be that it contains seaweed. There are issues with arsenic in certain kelp supplements, but you can check with the company and find out if their formula has been tested for that.

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While I haven't used it myself (I plan on purchasing it soon), I've heard rave reviews about it.

Sassy Pup is the cheapest place I have found it. You can also get free shipping.

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I bought PetzLife a few months ago but did not start using on my 7 yr. old Scottish Terrier until 2 weeks ago. I'm a skeptic about most things that sound this good but I have a great fear of anesthesia for my pets. Gosh, I wish I had taken a photo. His back teeth were in worse shape than I had realized-they were dark and bleeding. His breath was pretty bad too. You can't believe the difference! I took pics last night and will take some more at the end of 2 more weeks and post them. Breath is so improved! No more bleeding and even the tartar appears to be disintegrating. Best of all he seems to not mind the taste because he sits and lets me give him the stuff without too much hassle. I figured the best way to administer the product is to cut up one of those microfiber sponges (I get then at the dollar store with 2 in a package) into small chunks and squirt the gel on. As is common with a Scottie, he clenches his teeth but unlike a doggie toothbrush, I don't risk scratching his gums with the soft sponge. The microfibers really leave the surface of his teeth squeaky clean. I hope I lucked onto the product that is going to give oral good health for my little guy. I'll keep you all informed.

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I was very skeptical as well. I am a breeder of show and pet schnauzers. Two of my dogs had developed extensive tarter on their teeth but a friend showed me what it was doing for her two schnauzers. WOW!! I was impressed. I do not use it everyday but like every two days and the plaque is falling off in chunks. I have always been a scraper of plaque but no more. Now I'm buying PetzLife and its worth every penny!

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Which one did you buy? just went on the web page, geez, so many, which is the best one?

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