lindacDecember 17, 2011

I succumbed to the siren lure of egg plant....when in reality I am not going to eat the whole one all by myself.....and I've had it for 3 days!

Family arrives Thursday ( be the Good Lord willin and the snow doesn't fly!) I am thinking of baba ghanouje or however it's spelled....or eggplant caponata.

If I make one or the other tonight or tomorrow, how long will it keep?

Linda C

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Sounds kind of iffy. Probably be ok, but personally, I'd roast the eggplant and freeze it right in the skin, then take it out and make the babaganouje. I freeze quite a bit of eggplant like that. Seems to affect texture least.

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Hmm.....just put the whole thing into the oven? Prick it of course.....
How long?
Then freeze the whole thing? In the skin? or scoop out and freeze the pulp?

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Yes..whole thing, unless it's really bit then I cut in half and put cut side down with a little oil on pan. It varies by size how long of course but just cook till it's really soft. They generally look like flat tire. Just meaning they collapse when fully cooked. Twenty minutes to forty or more. I leave in skin until I unfreeze it as it seems to protect the flesh better, plus you can pretty much just peel the skin off or scrape out easily.

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Thanks....It's a little we will bave baba ghanoush!

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Speaking of eggplant..1.99lb..outrageous.

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When I bought mine they were $.99 each.

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