What is a washdown toilet? What is the diff between Duravit & Tot

qt314bJune 13, 2011

to save space I am hoping to install a wall mount toilet, does anyone have a recommendation between the two a lot of sites I went to do not have reviews for them.

Thanks a lot!!!

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Web search using the terms I give you.

Searching two sites is like looking at two stores in a mall.
Keep on searching.

They are both good.
Toto carrier and bowl.
Geberit carrier with a Duravit bowl.
Geberit carrier with any other of these Euro style bowls.

Also good:
Caroma carrier and bowl.

You don't need to know what a washdown toilet is.
It's TMI.

Search inside http://www.terrylove.com/forums/forum.php
and many many other sites inhabited by master plumbers.


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Hi thanks for your response, I missed a comma so my post wasn't 100% clear - I was asking if there were any recommendations between the two most common toilets I found online, I didn't just search two sites I went to waaaaay more - so many in fact my mind is buzzzing and totally overloaded with information but I can't remember what I saw and where I read it.

This website seemed to be the friendliest most informative forum of the ones I found so i figured I'd post -


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