How to fix your A/C Overflow

ogrose_txJune 23, 2013

1. Wait until it's 93 Degrees and humid, shut the a/c system down to change the filters. Oh, oh, it's wet on the floor, the overflow must be clogged up.

2. Bring air hose through the house, down the hall to try to blow it out. Nope, that's not working.

Me: I guess we need to call a plumber. DH: Nah, I'll fix this.

3. Bring in long rod and push it down there; not working. Get plumbing snake and gently try to push it through and unclog. Nope.

4. Bring hose through the front door, down the hall. Attach that thing that blows up like a balloon and forces things through. He controls the water, I hold the hose. Water comes flying up, gets me in the face.

It's now 95 Degrees. Me: I really think we need to call a plumber. DH: No, we are NOT calling a plumber. I can fix this.

5. Take hose outside to test balloon thing, it fills up and bursts. At least that cooled me off a little. Go get the other one (always have two of everything, right). Go traipsing through the house with wet feet.

Well, wonder of wonders, it worked, and our overflow is now unclogged! He is such a little genius, but can't figure out why I'm not speaking to him as I remop floors in my just cleaned house.

6. Place split balloon thingy on the kitchen counter on a paper towel.

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Another job well done. it's Miller Time.

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Thanks for the morning laugh. I loved this!

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