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We have a dog and 4 cats (and fleas). I give my animals frontline plus faithfully every month. Still have fleas. Gave capstar. Still have fleas. My poor dog itches like crazy.

Then our vet's office told us about flea busters. We had the guy flea buster our home almost 4 weeks ago.

If anyone used flea busters before, could you answer a couple questions please?

It's been almost 4 weeks since fleas busters came to our house. We still see fleas here and there.

1. How can I tell if it's working? They say it can take 3 to 5 weeks to be flea free.

2. Is this powder safe for pets?

Thank You,


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Been struggling with fleas myself. Very annoying because my cats don't go out so its the upstairs cat that I find outside my door who brought them in. I've read that spreading salt will help to kill the fleas. Any salt will attach to the fleas and larva and it sucks the moisture out of them and kills them.

I've also read a flea egg can remain dormant for up to 2 years and contain 1000 flea babies in it. I'm annoyed with how much I'm learning about them. Good luck!

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First of all, when you have a severe flea infestation, fleas tend to be everywhere... where did they come from is an important question to answer, and that is probably the main weak point when treating them. If you are using Frontline regularly and still seeing fleas, then there is a source for them you are not dealing with. Frontline is very effective in killing fleas ON your pet, but if you have an unlimited supply outdoors (assuming your have a pet that goes in an out) you will never be over the problem. Frontline takes about 48 hours to kill a flea, so seeing fleas on your pet does not mean they are not dead... they are just not dead YET. Capstar is also VERY effective at killing fleas, FAST... but only lasts maybe 24 hours, so, again, if you have a source for the fleas you are not addressing, this will do little to help your situation. Flea Busters is a good company and they will help CONTROL the in house flea problem, but will do nothing to help if you ultimately if you have a source for the fleas outdoors. You need to address the outdoor, yard situation or you will be beating your head against a wall. The powder (boric acid basically) is very safe for your pets the way they apply it (I personally do NOT recommend putting boric acid powder directly on your pets as the resulting cloud of powder can easily be inhaled leading to horrific respiratory issues that are nearly impossible to treat). That boric acid they lay down in the carpet and furniture is excellent at dealing with the 'dormancy' issue as it dessicates the fleas pretty well (though the pupal stage is pretty resistant to this desiccation, but once the pupae hatch, they're immediately dried out and die). Eggs are resistant, too, but will usually not remain dormant if there is sufficient heat or moisture... just because they CAN sit dormant does not mean they will. I think 2 years is a bit of an exaggeration, too.

Get an exterminator if you do not feel comfortable doing your outdoors. Try to minimize visiting cats and opossums to your yard (and other wild mammals), as these are mostly how the fleas got there to begin with. Good luck!

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We are also battling the flea problem...Our cats are inside cats, never go out but they all have the nasty bugs....I had heard, fleas will come in on shoes, pants anything they can get their nasty little bodies on so it does make sense to take care of the yard, it's just a major problem.....
I started with the product Walmart was selling, only because it was cheaper and it was more of a preventive....Then I went to sprinkling the boric acid, then we went to Advantage and now I'm trying the generic Capstar....I have a flea comb and comb them daily and I've noticed, it does get less and less but it is darn right irritating....I know have visions of fleas attacking me during the night, lol........For such a tiny bug, they sure are a major headache and also big business......

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We had a severe infestation several years ago. I spent a ton of money on Zodiac products from Petco, sprays, powders, etc. I bathed the cat and tried a flea collar, but they were still everywhere. It got to the point that I was just coating everything with chemicals and you could feel it on the carpets & furniture.

What eventually worked was vacuuming. Multiple times a day, every day, for a few weeks. Move the furniture and get under it, behind it, and do the furniture itself. It's a pain, but it worked. Some days I did it 4-5 times.

Also, at night, leave a nightlight on with a small saucer filled with water & dish soap underneath. In the morning, you'll see fleas in the water. The more you vacuum, the less fleas you'll see each morning. Also, take the vacuum outside and dump it every time you use it. Some people recommend putting a flea collar in the vacuum container.

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