nat0088September 14, 2012

I have two Siberian Huskies, male 1 yrs old and female 6 mo old. They are best friends. But today my boy ran away into the woods. My girl seems very nervous, but I am even more nervous. Can anybody tell me if he will be able to find his way home? Because one of my friends told me, that Husky is never able find its way back home, which makes me even more nervous.

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It depends on the dog. My friends neighbor had a dog that would disappear for a week every month, he was found over 20 miles from home and always came back.
Some facts about Huskies.
They ABSOLUTELY need lots of exercise - everyday, these dogs were bred to run for days on end. They get bored easily and thus will take advantage of an open door or gate or will dig under a fence in order to satisfy their need for stimulation. Huskies are a very primitive breed and have a high prey drive making their escaping all the more dangerous for small wildlife and neighborhood small outdoor pets.
If you live in a rural area and your dog harrasses any cattle, ranchers are allowed by law to shoot dogs they find trespassing.
hop you find your dog soon and it is okay.

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Thankyou so much mazer! My dog came home around 3:30 this morning! thanyou for the info ill will be sure to kepp this from happening again

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i'm SO glad to hear he came home!!! it isn't that they can't find their way home when they take off, it's that they don't much WANT to. like mazer said, they're born to run. and given the choice, they will run till they can't run anymore! i had 2 sibes years ago. the couple of times they did get loose from me, i had to hunt them down. thankfully, they didn't get far and always responded to "wanna go for a car ride?"!!!

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Wanna go for a car ride?

OMgosh Ninapearl, I thought we invented that one. It's like Charlie Brown, Lucy and the football. They fall for it every time and if it's across the back forty, they even fall for the sound of the tractor. LOL

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"Wanna go for a car ride" was always the best.

Whenever one got out - I'd first head for the car.......worked every time :)

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LOL! the funny thing about it was that those times, i had no clue which direction they went. i lived in town at the time so i would just get in the car and start driving around with the window down, hollering "wanna go for a car ride?". the dogs knew the sound of my car and even if they didn't hear me yell, they seemed to appear out of nowhere in anticipation of going to the drive up to get an ice cream cone. :D

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My first question is "are either of the dogs fixed (hopefully both)? An unneutered male can smell an unalterd female from 5 miles away (literally). If he's not fixed, he could easily be chasing that scent.

I cannot tell you how many times at the shelter I use to work at, I would find an unfixed male hovering near the dog fence sniffing out females. Literally - FIVE MILES! I'M NOT EXAGERATING. Dogs are not selective in what breed of female they sniff out.

If you don't want a male to roam - GET HIM FIXED. That drive is what a male dog is fixated on doing. You cannot train this out of a dog.

OK that being said, I'm so glad he came back :)

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