sloan valve WC - do i need to replace?

detcastleJune 27, 2010

My DH and I have just purchased a 1929 home and as part of our immediate renos have gutted the kitchen. As part of that we need to move some of the pipes that lead up to 2nd and 3rd floor bathrooms. The plumber (who comes highly recommended) says that he has to replace out the old pipes (which are larger diameter than ones used today) which means we have to replace the two sloan valve toilets. Is that a lot of hooey? I am actually willing to do it for eco purposes as I know that these are high water usage, but would like to feel confident about the real reasoning. He's already proposed some other 'fixes' that don't seem necessary so I'm a little concerned. Thanks for any advice you might have.

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If your Sloan Valves are true Flushometer valves your Plumber is absolutely correct.

W.C. flushometer valves require a 1" supply and urinal flushometer valves require a 3/4" supply with a minimum of 15psi dynamic pressure while a conventional tank type W.C. only requires a 3/8" supply line with a minimum of 8psi dynamic pressure.

If your intent is to conserve water you could replace the existing flushometer valves with water saver type flushometer valves but the supply line size would still remain the same. On the other hand, if you want to reduce the line size you would have to convert to tank type W.C.'s.

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great thanks very much for the info!

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