Dogs and Sushi

weed30September 14, 2009

I was hungry tonight, and decided sushi sounded great. Never order when you're end up spending way more than you intended ;) But Daisy and Lola were thrilled! They had some spicy tuna roll (without the wasabi and ginger). I wasn't surprised that they ate it, but that they REALLY loved it. They'll eat anything, but they act differently when there is something they especially like ~ I got a chuckle that they think sushi is da bomb!

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LOL, that's a hoot. Be sure though, when sharing sushi to avoid giving them the salmon...there are some kinds of raw salmon ( I believe wild alaskan) that have a bacteria that can be deadly to our buddies. Just an fyi :)

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Wasabi too? That's funny Weed! The first time I gave Odo a raw whole shrimp when he was a puppy, he was scared of it, LOL. Now he loves shrimp - we save the tails for him and now I chop them up for his raw patty mixes.

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You might want to stay a certain distance from their little faces for a while.


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One day my pup, not more than 8 months old grabbed my inari while I was talking on the phone....silly pup. He astonished me because he hates everything - real picky eater - he never has eaten another inari.

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One of our cats managed to get on a shelf above the counter and drag a bag of nori down, and preceded to gnaw through the bag to chow down!

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