Panacur cost at vet

Elly_NJSeptember 25, 2009

My vet charged me $80 for three doses of Panacur granules for my 50 pound lab.

I thought that was alot, but I needed the meds. I did check online, and the same meds cost $17; at another local vet, $27.

My vet refused to take the meds back, and maintained that "that's what I charge." Which is the last dollar he will get from me.

I advise you to scrutinize charges for meds. This stunned me.

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Well, the guy has to make a living and there are fewer and fewer people out there that don't check out the web before coming in. You won't make that mistake again! Also, maybe consider changing vets and let him know why you did.

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I am usually more savvy, and I needed the meds. Also, I never expected such a profit on his part. I did get the next doses for the second weeks online.

Murray Hill Vet NJ 3 doses Panacur: $27

Meyersville Vet, NJ 3 doses Panacur: $80.


If he gets it at, say, $10 from the supplier, that is an 800% mark-up. Pig.

Believe, I am not going back. I called him, and he knows it.

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My vet has found a great way to compete with online....if you bring in the price you found it online (including shipping) they will match it. So now we go to the vet when we need something ...mainly because my vet is great and does pro bono work for rescue organizations so I prefer that he gets the money.

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This is a big issue with our vet as well. I like all the vets at the office, and trust their opinions, but when it comes to prescriptions I don't feel so good about them.

They charge 10x the pharmacy price for a liter of sub-q fluids. My initial reaction was that they charged that much because they didn't want to be the supplier to the patient, but since then I've decided differently. When I ask for an outside RX, they will nicely ask if wouldn't I prefer to just buy it there and not have to go through the extra step?

We do end up buying prescriptions through them when it's an immediate issue (like when my boy was dying of cancer and we wanted something to reduce his fluid retention and keep him more comfortable), but for anything long term like thyroid meds and sub-q fluids, we gently push for an outside RX.

I'd say at least you learned a lesson, but IMO one shouldn't go about anticipating that they are going to be the victim of highway robbery.

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I love it!!

Well, it's also because they can't buy in bulk like the online places can.

Even tests can be shopped around - like CBC. I went to a freak in Tucson (he was quite odd) and his price for a chemistry/cbc was much higher than another place down the street where i got cbc/chem and blood tests for common conditions in my area - like Valley Fever.

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I use the fenbendazole which I think is the same as panacur or the equvilent.Its at tractor supply here,a box with three doses for 15.00

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My mom got charged about the same amount when her dog had hookworms. I freaked out- it would have cost her $20 at regular client cost where I work. I gave her a 500mL bottle of fenbendazole liquid which would have cost her $65 at regular client cost. She has 2 large dogs and they go to the dog park all the time. So they really need extra deworming, beyond their regular monthly heartworm prevention. I did the same for myself. I think most feed stores sell that large bottle for a reasonable cost. If you have a couple of dogs who need to be dewormed beyond what HWP can do, it is well worth it. Where I work, we use the equine generic formulation because it is so inexpensive. I have no idea why Panacur granules cost so much, but they are VERY expensive even at cost.

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My shephard pup at 8mo was going to breeder for three weeks while we were on vacation. He had loose stool off and on the last week before we left.

Neighbor kid gives my kid $5 for some strange reason. In my hectic day I did not notice my son set it down where pup could get it. Later that night pup barfed several times. While cleaning up the mess I discovered the $5 remnants. Next morning he was really lethargic and we worried about going on vacation.

So I took him to vet. They had course of tests. Ghiardia, worms, all parasites, then last resort would be pancreas testing. My dh is in medicine so he chatted with vet. The pup had no symptoms whatsoever to test the pancreas so they agreed to start with the tests. Each one came up negative. Dh and vet decided best course was antibiotics to knock out whatever it might have been.

Amoxicillin for 10 days, panacur for three and some other med. The amoxicillin was something like $80. The exact script if my dh had written it for me would have been $4 at Walmart. The total meds was about $175. I was desparate and we did not know what to do but pay. Within 8hrs of the first dose of panacur the loose stool was gone. Dog was much better.

We took pup to breeder the next day. She did not care about the meds or him being sick as she runs a huge facility with 30 personal pets she keeps a bucket of panacur. She has been breeding dogs for 17yrs and knows a thing or two.

She looked at the meds and gasped. First, no need for the amoxicillin, the panacur will knock out whatever he has, and it did. The other med was really unnecessary also but she did give it as it was only a few doses. When she looked at the days pre-prepared panacur she asked how many days it was for. I told her one. She said that the dose was enough for a horse, literally. She was stunned and so she said she would only give more if he needed it. She gets panacur by the gallon bucket and gives it away.

So I sit with some 120 amoxicillin. I am allergic or I could save for an illness. What a waste.

I know that medicine is not black and white and I am not a typical drug seeking type. I am quick to gargle with saltwater prior to going to doctor for any type of meds. But this vet was just trying to cover the bases a little too much.

On another note, my coworkers pup had exact same problem. Her vet ran ghiradia test. Since it was negative they suggested a diet change and some other home ideas. Dog ended up fine and her bill was about $50.

My cat was 16 and dropped from 8lbs to 4 almost overnight. Thyroid showed up in labwork so we got her on meds. She was so off the charts the meds did nothing. After upping the dose the vet actually asked me if I was even giving the meds to her. I was, I even paid over $100 a month to have it made into a cream because she ran from me when I tried to shove down the pills. I spent the last 6mo of her life with her avoiding me. Then one day she got really bad so they tried to get a urine sample, nothing would come out. She arched her back and continued to cry in pain the next few days walking around all arched. When we went to vet she walked just fine. We figured she must have had a bladder tumor that ruptured or something. My dh looked at her labs, then looked at labs for last 6 months. My kitty girl was dying from kidney failure from the first lab test 6mo prior. Vet was so focused on the thyroid she neglected to see the real problem, acute renal failure. So I took her home and just as my dh said, he deals with kidneys, she stopped eating, then drinking, then her body simply shut down and she passed in the night quite peacefully. The vet had no idea. I don't blame the vet, she was just blinded by the weight loss and thyroid is typical in old girl kitties.

My advice to anyone: Ask what the meds are before you buy them. You can search for them yourself and come back if you cannot find better price. Go over the lab results very closely. Call your personal physician to get their opinion if they will give it. Ask another vet to review the results. Two eyes and brains are always better than one. A good vet will appreciate how much you care about your pet.

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Safeguard is another brand of fenbendazole for dogs that can be found at most feed stores. It's usually much cheaper than Panacur.

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