Range hood over uneven stone backsplash

JStephens11March 13, 2013

I'm installing a ledgestone back-splash behind my range. I will be applying multiple coats of stone sealer to help protect against grease splatter. Attached is a picture showing the portion of the back-splash I've already installed and the range hood I'll be installing over the range.

The problem I'm having is that the ledgestone has random thicknesses with a tolerance of approximately +/-3/16". When I install the range hood on the ledgestone I want it to sit flush, or at least even on the back-splash.

I would like to install the back-splash before the range hood, in case the hood ever breaks. I do not want to search for a replacement that fits in the exact location. There is also a tempered glass top on the hood, so that would be a nightmare to try to install the back-splash around.

One idea I've considered is attaching strapping to the wall behind the chimney and fan section of the range hood to bump that out 1/2" (approx. thickness of back-splash). Then the range hood would float over the back-splash.

Or I could just install the range hood and then the back-splash around the hood, but like I said above that would be a pain.

Does anyone have any experience doing this or other recommendations for how I should go about installing my back-splash / range hood?

Thanks in advance!

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Range hood first, then tile up to it would be the easiest. It's what I'm doing with a full height granite backsplash It's "lipping" over the insert just slightly.

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Hi Live Wire,

I've been told by multiple sources that you should do the backsplash and then the hood. I'm not really looking for the easiest solution, I'm looking for the best solution. Thank you for the response though.

Any other recommendations?

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