Too old?

goldySeptember 6, 2010

I'm moveing in with my grandaughter and husband ,They brought a tenroom house with a "grandmother suit"I'll be home all day while they are working to pay for the "castle"I'll be lonely because I used to live in a senior apartment and there was always someone to talk to.I had to give up my dog ten years ago and I want to try again.Am I too old?I'm in pretty good health but just "old"eighty years to be truthful.The dog will outlive me but they said they would take up were I leave off.

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I see no reason why you shouldn't have a pet. My mother, at 91 yrs, just recently lost her cat and I think she's considering getting another one.

I would suggest you contact rescue groups that foster pets and look at adopting a teen-age dog. That way you'll know the personality, it should already have some basics in house training, and you won't have to deal with the puppy stage.

Are you still driving on your own? I ask because it sounds as though you miss being around your friends and wonder if you're able to take part in some community functions.

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My mother got her precious little Daisy at our local shelter and it was a match made in heaven for both of them. Mama was seventy eight then and Daisy was in fact a 'teenager', just like Annz suggested. Mama lived to be ninety one, and little Daisy died just months after my mother passed away, by then an old dog. For all practical purposes, she spent her lifetime as a companion for my elderly mother. I give thanks their paths crossed, because who doesn't need a constant companion who is faithful, loving and fun?

You have very much to offer to a dog, and if it will enrich your life, and some dear dog somewhere needs a home with someone who has a lot of time to spoil them.......especially since your grandchildren support this..........why not? I think its a wonderful idea.

Purina has a Pets for Seniors program and they even will contribute to participating shelters money towards spay and neutering. I became familiar with the program when they offered it to Mama, and in fact although I am substantially younger than you, I qualified for it when I adopted our new doggie last spring. Good luck.

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Well, Goldy, I say go for it. A dog will greatly enrich your life and be your loving companion. I'd look into a mature dog , not a puppy and I'm sure it will all work out. It's a known fact that people of all ages benefit from an animal companionship. Lowers blood pressure and gives the person a reason for getting up every day.

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I agree with the others, your never to old to have a new companion to love.

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Yes I still drive,walk.ride my bike and do a little sewing.But these things you do by yourself.There are few people my age wanting to tagg along.In a house this big I want to have company besides the tv and the icemaker makeing noise.So I'm going to take your advice and start puppy shoping.I still would like a puppy.I really enjoyed the "housebreaking"it gets me closer to the pup.I might add that I'm relocating from NJ to Delaware and I know no one here.

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Good Luck in your new home and best wishes finding just the right pup :>)

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I would definitely get me a pupper!

can't imagine life without doggie love.

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