Wonky installation of a hot-cold filtration faucet?

MizLizzieJune 17, 2013

Has anyone ever installed a hot/cold filtration faucet? I know Waterstone and Westbrass make them. We just had a Westbrass put in, and it seems to operate oddly.

Under the sink we have a Quick & Hot tank, and a water filter in a white casing. When you turn the hot lever at the sink, you do get very hot water. If, however, you turn on only the cold lever, you get . . . nothing.

The plumber then explained that the way the thing worked, you turn on the hot tap if you want hot. If you want cold filtered water, you also turn on the hot tap. And THEN you turn on the cold tap. Sure enough, when you do that, the stream of hot turns to cold.

But seriously? Is that how these things are supposed to work? Or do I need to call in a different plumber? Thanks in advance.

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