Silgranit metallic gray or cinder?

sblctMarch 25, 2013

I am getting ready to order my super single Silgranit kitchen sink and was all set to order metallic gray-my countertops are super white quartzite- but now they have come out with a new color 'Cinder' and I am not sure which to go with. My only hesitation with the metallic gray is the little bit of sparkle it has but I haven' been able to see the cinder in person. Any suggestions?

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My perimeter counters are very gray Carrara, and my island counter is black walnut. I chose the metallic gray silgranit for both sinks. I love the color! I'm assuming you've seen the metallic gray IRL based on your comments above. I'm not a sparkle/glitter/glitz/sequin gal, but I love the tiny bit of sparkle in the sinks. It's so subtle that I barely see it anymore. It just gives them a little something-something if you know what I mean. When I ask visitors to describe the color, they usually say gray and don't really see the sparkle.

The metallic gray doesn't photograph well for me, although this one of my prep sink in the black walnut island isn't bad. The pic I have of my Carrara with metallic gray makes the sink look brown.

Personally, while Cinder looks like a nice color, I wouldn't pair it with Super White. The SW I've seen IRL was very gray and white like my Carrara. Blanco's description of Cinder mentions it being a warm color with hints of brown, which I think would probably go better with multi-color stones with both browns and grays, like Bianco Antico. OTOH, maybe you're trying to warm up the coldness of the gray stone?

If you call Blanco, they might be able to send you a color chip of Cinder, unless it's so new that they aren't stocked up on the color chips. You could compare it with your slabs and see what you think.

Here is a link that might be useful: Blanco's description of Cinder

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Thank you so much for your reply- your black walnut countertop is beautiful! It helps to have feedback from someone who has been living with the sink for awhile. I think I'll stick to my original choice of metallic gray and embrace the sparkle!

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A little late to this post, but I thought that cinder was going to be the perfect in-between for anthracite and metallic grey...something a bit darker than the metallic grey but not as dark as the anthracite. Got a sample today after emailing Blanco and the sample is quite matte, none of the sparkle at all that is in the other two mentioned colors, the shade is good, but missing the sparkle. Personally, not to my liking at all. :(

So, if anyone isn't sure - contact Blanco. They are great about sending out color chips.

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Hi there - I ordered my sink in cinder today. I am doing the countertops in Caesarstone Raven (a medium gray) and this was a very close match, because I was trying to minimize the contrast between the two...especially because I got the Silgranit model that has a built-in drainboard and I was afraid that in white it would "pop" too much. We're starting the remodel on Monday - fingers crossed I made good choices!

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devinecopy--be sure to post pictures as soon as we can so we can see the cinder color in action!

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I also ordered cinder & my granite is bianco romano. I'm a little anxious about it. Like you, divinecopy, I'm keeping my fingers crossed. Countertops will be installed next tuesday.

Did I say I'm a little nervous? lol

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My medium bowl Silgranit sink in metallic gray just arrived today. It looks fantastic - the slight sparkle is really nice. I'm looking forward to putting it in. I wanted something a little lighter than antracite and for me this color was perfect.

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Interesting to see this post come back we lived with the cinder sample a little more, we are leaning toward getting it (my initial impression wasn't one of love). Still wish for a little more sparkle, but I think the color is better overall. I hope to see pictures of others who have installed cinder.

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Here is my cinder sink - just got installed yesterday.

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Here's another angle - sorry, I don't know how to add more than one pic per post.

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Pretty! Thanks for posting. Is that the blanco strainer, and does it prop over the sink with adjustable sides? I really want that kind of strainer basket, but the blanco prices I've seen are kinda crazy.

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It is a blanco strainer and it comes with the sink - which I really like. One less thing to buy! ;-) And no, it does not have adjustable sides.

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Breezygirl and Frugalnotstingy, your sinks look very nice. Thanks for posting. My cinder sink goes in June 13th so I will have to post a photo then.

AndreaK100 - the sample I have is quite matte. However, I am hoping that if I oil it (as some posts have suggested) it would have a bit of a sheen. Wonder what is best used for that?

The good news is I discovered it's the exact same gray as on the back of my new Whirlpool stove, so that should tie everything in together. Love it when that happens!

kksmama- my sink came with (included) two sink grids, a colandar and a cutting board in one package at a price that was a lot less then others. Ordered it through QualityBath.

A week and a day more until my going through painting, then flooring, then countertops...

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Thanks for the shopping tip, Devinecopy! Love seeing the pictures of sinks, I've never thought of them as decorative elements but I'm really excited about silgranit (and having one of my own because sharing with my dh in the kitchen gets harder and harder).

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Frugal - thanks for posting your cinder sink - it looks really nice!

Devine - I'm looking forward to seeing yours when it goes in. I'm also going to check into QualityBath since we will be ordering our sink soon.

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It's beautiful. Thanks for posting. It looks darker than the metallic grey and lighter than the anthricite. Nice!

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Frugal--Thank you for posting those images. It's great to see the new color in action. Beautiful sink and stone.

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Does the cinder color have the same sparkle that the anthracite does? I'm deciding between the two and I have small color samples, but it's hard to tell. I've seen an anthracite sink in person and I really like how it has a sparkle to it. I'd probably prefer cinder because it's a little lighter color, but it's tough to settle on it without seeing it.

Also - I'm trying to decide between the Performa 1-3/4 split and the Performa Cascade. I've always had a double bowl sink so I'm nervous about giving it up, but I like the idea of less plumbing underneath. Thanks.

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I ordered my cinder sinks this week. It was hard choosing between cinder and metallic gray. The cinder is definitely matte - no sparkle at all - and the sparkle of metallic gray is very pretty and subtle. My granite is black/gray with white bands and I want satin nickel faucets. I decided the metallic gray would be nicer to look at, and draw the eye a little more as it picked up the highlights in the granite, and cinder would just fade into the background. In thinking about all the other materials I'm going to use, I decided letting sinks be in the background was preferable.

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OK, I finally have a photo to post of my cinder sink! My model has the integrated drainboard which I LOVE. The package came with three grids, a cutting board, a colander and a basket, but after installation I discovered I needed another basket! So we're using a cheap chrome ring until the other basket comes in to replace it with (you can see it in the photo on the left). But the cinder sink matches my Caesarstone Raven countertops very well, I love the look. Like KKSmama, because my backsplash is busy I wanted the sink and countertop to blend.

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Very nice, devinecpoy! Your faucet is interesting... what is it?

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Hi frugal,
Thanks! It's a Grohe Eurostyle faucet. I needed something with a lower arc because I have shelves over the sink. You can see it a bit better in this photo. The link is below if you want to see it.

Here is a link that might be useful: Grohe Eurostyle Faucet

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I was so happy to find this discussion because I'm having the same quandary--metallic gray or cinder? I'm planning my kitchen remodel and decided that upper cabinets should be a shade off pure white with lower cabinets a medium gray.

Now, here's where I'm going in another direction--no granite; my countertops are going to be Wilsonart laminate in a color called Kiwi. (sorry I couldn't figure out how to make the image smaller.) I was going to go with stainless steel in a brand that was made to be undermounted, but just changed my mind and think I'd prefer Silgranit. I haven't seen either color in person yet.

So, metallic gray or cinder? Then, on to decide on bowl configuration...

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HI gnancy, love the Kiwi countertops! (I'm a color person too.) As far as the Silgranit sink, you might want to match it to the grey tone of the lower cabinets, see if it's darker or lighter than each sample. Because the metallic gray has some pattern with the sparkle, and the kiwi has a pattern, maybe it's too much? But the final word...look at both samples colors and get the one that makes your heart sing. That makes a choice you will always be happy with.

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I've got a cinder Silgranit Performa Undermount sink for sale at Amazon at a great price ($399 + $14.99 shipping) if anyone is interested. It's the same one as frugalnotstingy's above, but it doesn't include the Blanco strainer. Click on "5 used and new from $399" under "More Buying Choices".

Here is a link that might be useful: Blanco 441476 Silgranit II Performa Cascade Sink, Cinder

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That Kiwi looks so fun! Can't wait to see it installed. Please do post pics gnancy.

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I just signed my contract yesterday!

I went with the metallic gray, 1 þ bowl drop-in. I decided I'd rather have Silgranit and live with a drop-in than have a ss undermount. And, it'll be cheaper, too! For sink and counter, since the installation isn't as complicated. Or, should I say I'll save money. "Cheaper" sounds so, well, cheap. Anyway...I also decided to use Marmoleum for the floor, in a color called Serene Grey. It's a medium gray with marbling. I'm hoping it will camouflage dirt, dropped food, small children, etc.

Now comes a 5 week wait for the cabinets...

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I like the look of Silgranit, but my kitchen store and my DH keep lobbying for Kohler cast iron. Would love input on why those of you who chose Silgranit did, how it is holding up and how is the cleaning/maintenance

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junco East Georgia zone 8a

Can you tell me the model # of your drop-in Performa 1 3/4?
I can't seem to find it anywhere on-line--they only show undermounts.

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I chose Silgranit because, after 30 years of brushed stainless, I was spoiled for easy care but wanted something more modern looking. I have the metallic gray undercounter sink, with black glass counter tops and brushed nickel faucet and backsplash. The sink never looks dirty and hasn't water-spotted at all. It gets a good rinse every day and a BarKeepers Friend scrub once a week. Looks as good as the day it was installed, six months ago.

I strongly recommend the Performa 1 3/4 configuration. It's deep, but I didn't lose any undersink storage space. The metallic gray looks great with my black, cream, and nickel color scheme.

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I too am deciding between the Metallic Gray and the Cinder Blanco Silgranit sinks. I am leaning more towards the Cinder, but I am somewhat concerned that it will show water marks and dirt because of its dark color. I would appreciate any input from the people who have opted for the Cinder. Thanks so much!

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Hi! Where did you all find the color Metallic Gray. I can only find Cinder, Truffle and Anthracite in the gray tones. (The Anthracite is too dark for me). Is it possible that MG has been renamed Truffle? ( It looks like a light gray)

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No they are different colors. This one is Metallic Gray.

Blanco Performa 1 3/4 Medium Bowl in Metallic Gray

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@ Calumin: Thank you so much for the link. I googled Siligranit, but this site never listed. It even has an interactive colour Assistant.

What I was looking at was a large single sink..Blanceo Valea. When I look at that sink, it still doesn't list metallic gray, but Diamond does.

So, again, thank you.

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Perri, I've found the darker ones do not show watermarks and almost hides most dirt. My Anthracite always looked good whether it was dirty or clean.

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Hi Perri - I have the cinder sink and am really pleased because it never looks dirty or water spotted. We have extremely hard water and every few months I notice a slight calcium build up which looks a little white on the edges. But it's very faint and I just run a Magic Eraser over it and it looks good as new. We're a big family and use the sink constantly so I am very happy with it. Now, that Grohe faucet is another story... Has broken twice now and was very expensive! I hate it! It's still broken and customer service is non-existent.

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I LOVE my silgranit metallic gray diamond super single. My remodel was just completed last month and the sink is one of my favorite choices. I too debated between the cinder and metallic gray. They're both great colors.

My kitchen has white cabs with a light gray backsplash so the metallic gray fit in perfectly. I was afraid that it may be be too "sparkly" but it's not. Not sure how it's happening, but the sink looks clean after every dishwashing episode. In the morning when I get to the sink, it's dry without any spots. I'm so glad I didn't go with stainless steel, my original choice. Thanks forum, for allowing me to "research" the threads and helping me to choose this sink!

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Could you all weigh in on what color blanco sink I should order? We will have cream cabinets with giallo ornamental granite countertops, oil rubbed bronze pulls. A rubbed black island with a walnut butcher block top. We will have all stainless steel appliances. The sink will be undermounted on the granite/cream cabinets side. The anthrocite seems too dark since perimeter of room will be mostly the neutral cream, but the black would match the island. I'm not a huge fan of the dark brown. The biscuit is close to the cabinet color but I worry about staining with the lighter color. The metallic gray might work with the stainless appliances. And then maybe cinder? Help!

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Has anyone used a Silgranite sink in either Cinder or White in Frosty Carrina Caeserstone countertops?
IâÂÂm trying to decide which is bestâ¦.IâÂÂve emailed Blanco and asked them to mail me colour chipsâ¦.but I would love to see pics if anyone has them! TIA

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Would love advice on what color Silgranit sink with dark grey Quartz counters and white cabs. The gray choices will look like I tried to match but missed; anthracite too appreciated!!

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