New supply lines warm to touch

lkgarn00June 30, 2012

Hello everyone,

We are having a new bathroom built and the plumber installed new supply lines (hot and cold) to the shower location the other day. Both of those supply lines (copper pipe) are hot/warm to touch - about 110 degrees. We have not used these lines yet, so we cant come up with a reasonable explanation for why they are both hot to touch.

None of the other pipes - the supply to the vanity/sink area or the toilet are hot.

Any opinions?

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Both on the hot side by accident?

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More than likely your plumber put in a rough in valve for the shower and either did not close one of the isolation valves, or it doesn't have any isolation valves and the valve is open with the shower head capped. This allows water to cross freely back and forth across the cold and the hot anytime water is used of either temp anywhere in the house, thus tempering your water throughout. Your water that is roughed in for the lavatory and toilet will not be warm as the water is not physically being used through those pipes and will not change the temperature of the lines themselves. Notify your plumber to check that this is what is going on to correct this and to also check and make sure it is not a physical cross- just as a precaution.

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