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cheryl_pSeptember 4, 2009

Last week I was looking for help finding a breed rescue to take a neglected GSD kept on a 5 ft chain in a back yard (oh, enough food but no human contact!) First of this week I "secured" Jake's freedom! I hope this picture of him comes through - all 8 months and 80 pounds of him! Whew! (He's much taller than appears here.) Beautiful, huh? href="¤t=Jake1.jpg"; target="_blank">
Last Chance Rescue took him and I am going nearly daily to work with him. Is he smart! He made my day today when upon my shutting the kennel door to leave him a great outbreak of barking on the other side of the sancuary caused him to start running to the opposite end. I commanded him to come and danged if he didn't stop dead in his tracks, and do just that - wow! I don't feel yet that I can walk him outside of the fenced yard area because he was initially pulling me over with the greatest-of-ease. Much better now. I was told he has also jumped the fence once. He is so socially retarded, some would say "undisciplined" but how can you say that when he doesn't even know ...? At the end of each visit I try to get him to play which he has absolutely no clue about, poor guy. He also gets a little grooming too.

What a lover he is -I hope, hope, hope he goes to a good family. Thanks to all who offered advice and please keep fingers crossed for Jake's successful adoption!

(p.s. How do I get rid of that irksome coding around my posted pic???)


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good for you!!!!! he's just absolutely gorgeous and it sounds like he's a quick learner. yayyy, gotta love a happy-almost-ending! hopefully, somebody good will see his potential and he'll soon find his forever home.

nice job, cheryl, and who cares about the irksome coding? ;)

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This is wonderful news Cheryl! I'm so happy for him. Good work on your part. I hope he finds a really great forever home.

Yes, it kills me when people don't understand that in order for a dog or other animal to do as we wish they first have to understand what it is we want. It's really unfair to ask a dog who hasn't had training to expect obedience until he knows what it's all about. I'm sure he'll do great with his ob work. Thanks for taking him on. Brava!

About the code. I'm not sure why you got it. Suspect something about that blank part, but in future if it does that.. when you go to preview and the picture shows up, just see what part of the code isn't being used [showing] and delete it. Then hit preview again and see if it's ok.

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Thank you for saving him. He's beautiful!

I'm curious to how things went...did someone just go over there, talk to the people, and they gave him up easily?

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I heard about his plight @ work (someones knows someone...). He was with a poor inner city family. Mom had 6 kids and boyfriend had just left her. Humane Soc. had come out twice to check on his barking, condition (5 ft chain with wire crate w/plastic sheet on top), etc. but could not take him - since he was being fed and not beat, it wasn't quite "abuse". We all know that mental neglect IS just as abusive!
The neighbor mentioned to the owner lady that she knew someone who would take Jake off her hands (me, at least temporarily) but she refused. I went over one day to take a look at him. I talked with the owner for some length (about her children and how winter was coming on and how Jake was not allowed in house....). I guess it all fell into place because we finally settled on me paying for Jake, paying for his freedom. YES! Nice ending there so far, huh?

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Yes, a nice ending for Jake - I'm sure he will end up with a wonderful family!

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Good for you!! I did something similar a number of years back. I couldn't stand the daily sight of a poor, sad, neglected dog in a neighbor's yard. I spoke with her to see if she'd let me have him. She refused, but she did allow me to walk him and visit him. After awhile of doing this, she gave in and finally admitted she was too burdened to care for him. He went to a lovely home, and I am happy today even thinking about this rescue.

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God Bless you for doing this.he is a beautiful dog.


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Thank you for taking care of Jake. He is VERY lucky to have such a kind neighbor.

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Thanks for the kudos All, but what else could one do, huh? Jake is now on PetFinder and a couple of calls of interest have been rcv'd . Next weekend I will have the honor of escorting him to PetSmart's adopt-a-thon for "showing only" since he will be neutered a few days after. I am assured that thorough screening is done and I hope that's so. Yes,I was smiling from the moment he was hoisted into my van - hope it continues to turn out well all the way through. There's absolutely no doubt that someone will be getting a magnificent dog - I hope they realize it!!

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Kudos to you.

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He's a beautiful dog. Good for you for getting him.

the coding--I messed with that last week or so. I noticed when I copied from photobucket I didn't pick up the very first I thought there was a > at the end too.

There's not a space between the

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Great rescue! Congrats on freeing him. He's a beauty.

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