AnnT- fudge question!

chancesmomDecember 22, 2013

Hi Ann and everyone!

I haven't been around much but have been lurking off and on. I was inspired today to make maple fudge. My mom, who hardly ever cooked, used to make fudge about once every 2 years and it was sublime!

So I trusted the best resources and found Ann's recipe on her website, maple cream fudge. Having never made fudge or other candy like confections, I was a little worried it wouldn't work. I followed the directions and made sure I cooked it and stirred it as instructed! I poured it into a buttered glass dish about 3 and it is still not hard.....I can poke a finger in it. Does that sound right? Should it be more set than that now?

Any thoughts welcome!


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Janet, sounds like you didn't cook it quite long enough or more likely it wasn't stirred long enough before pouring into the dish.

The fudge will start to thicken and lose its gloss , and that is when you pour into the dish.

You can't go by time. It will vary every time depending on ingredients and even weather.


Here is a link that might be useful: Fudge

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Thanks Ann......

Yes, I was afraid of that. It seems set now but I put it in the fridge overnight. I will try cutting it later and see if it holds.

If it doesn't, is there any way to save it?

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Hi Janet! How's your little one doing? I can remember pictures in the dresses someone sent. Gosh, that was so long ago. Probably not little any more. Good to see you.

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HI Robb333

You are right! She is about 5 ft 7 in!! The dresses were from terri from the pacific northwest area! That was over 5 years ago - how time flies. Chance is now 12.5 and quickly turning into the stereotypical teen.


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Oh my, I still think of Chance as being a little seven year old.

I agree with Rob, very nice to see you here again.

I've seen others say that they fix fudge by recooking. I have not tried that there are instructions on the attached link.

Merry Christmas.


Here is a link that might be useful: Fudge Fix

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Oh dear--a teen already ? Stop feeding her Janet & maybe she'll stall out at 12.5. Nice to "see" you again-- hope your Holidays are great.


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Oh. My. Gosh! You go girl. Wow. She's tall. Not little. How cool is that?!

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