Range, backsplash, cabinets... How to make sure it all lines up?

Ott2March 15, 2013

I have a question about how to make sure all the pieces of the range wall puzzle fit together neatly.

- We have our stone slabs and a great fabricator.
- We have a cabinet guy who will be doing fully custom cabinets for us. We have a first draft of drawings, and are working on tweaking these as needed for a second draft.
- Range is a 36" BlueStar, with island trim if possible.
- I will include an older architect's pic of the range wall, but note that I have since swapped the location of the fridge and the ovens. There is now a fully integrated refrigerator on the range wall rather than an oven stack.

The backsplash behind the range is a slab of 3cm White Macaubas quartzite.
All perimeter countertops, including this one, are 3cm, either soapstone or something else dark and leathered.
BlueStar range body is 24" deep, and then the doors/handles add more depth.
Aisle between range wall and island is 50" after allowing 1.5" for countertop overhang on each side of aisle.
Kitchen is contemporary if it matters in this discussion.

My fabricator, cabinet, and GC guys are great, but I don't want to assume this is all going to fit cleanly.

Do I need to make the countertops/cabinets a little deeper to accommodate the 3cm slab backsplash? Is there anything I need to make sure is in the plans to accommodate an island trim on the range? Is an island trim ok with the quartzite backsplash, or do I need the 6" back guard to protect the quartzite? Anything I need to do to make sure the heights work out on all of this?

Thanks! I think we are close, but I don't want to end up with things whop-sided because I assumed incorrectly...

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Is it ok to bump my own thread? If anyone has advice on the above, I'd love to hear it! I have visions of nothing fitting at the last minute! I can't see the picture I posted earlier, so I'll include again...

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