Feline Painkiller

bbairdSeptember 24, 2009

After 2 days, I've stopped crying long enough to post this.

My beautiful, sweet, gentle, loving 10 year old cat was just diagnosed with both CRF and cancer (the CRF makes it virtually impossible to do surgery, because the anesthesia could kill her kidneys entirely. Also, without going in, they can't determine if the cancer is of the intestines, pancreas or spleen).

I've started her on fluids (Sub-Q). God, she's such a trooper.

All I can do is prepare. I want to know if there's any oral painkiller for cats.

I can't find anything on the Internet.


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When my cat had cancer we used a Fentanyl patch on him. It worked very well. They shaved a little spot on his leg and put the patch there.

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So sorry...poor Puss. I've had cats with CRF and a cat with cancer, but never the combination.

My cat Otis lived > six months after an abdominal mass was found in a sonogram. He had been gradually losing weight and becomming lethargic for a while, but since he was getting older, and was a bit overweight, it didn't set off any alarm bells until it became obvious that he wasn't eating at all. Its hard to tell when a cat is in chronic pain (as opposed to acute pain, like after an accident or surgery). I think the best barometer is how well they eat. After the diagnosis, our vet (who felt that surgery was not a good option) put Otis on varying amounts of Prednisone. It increased his appetite nicely and and his last months were comfortable ones for him...there is no reason for a well loved pet who has a terminal dieease to live with chronic pain. My vet told me that i would know when it was time...

But your cat may be a long way from that. The fluids will make her feel much better...the dehydration from the CRF is probably (at this stage) what is causing her the most discomfort.

Don't give up hope...she sounds like she is in good hands.


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Thank you.

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