Ice maker gravity drain

renovation728June 22, 2013

We are completely renovating our house. In our butler's pantry, we would like to add a 15" ice maker that needs either a pump or a gravity drain. Given we have the ability to put in a gravity drain since the house is down to the studs, I feel like this is the best option as pumps are more expensive and make more noise. I am getting a lot of push-back from our builder who says his plumber doesn't want to put in a gravity drain because they can be trouble. Does anyone have any experience with a gravity drain or had a problem with one? Thanks for any information you can provide!

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All it is, is a drain with a trap. Lots of AC systems have to have a drain with a trap.

I think this is a lot of bunk. Have them explain to you why this is sooooo dificult. Like maybe it costs $20 more.

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IMHO, either the plumber is lazy or doesn't know how. It's your house. Do it he way the customer-YOU-wants it.


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