Bottle Feeding Puppies?

ami04September 13, 2009

My mom has a dog that is nearly a year old and had puppies nearly 3 weeks ago. She has been leaving the puppies alone for long periods of time and not feeding them for long and we are worried about them. They aren't showing signs of dehydration, but they cry nearly constantly and try to nurse every time the mom is near them. We think that we are going to have to help bottle feed a little. My question is, what is best to feed to these puppies? I've read various sites and some have a recipe, some say just use the formula, and some say plain evaporated milk or goat's milk.

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Here is a good website with a recipe, instructions, and many positive testimonials.

Here is a link that might be useful: bottle feeding puppies

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That is a question better posed to your vet. He or she will be able to tell exactly how undernourished the puppies are and what sort of formula they need to be eating.

A five week old puppy who has had good nutrition for the first five weeks may do fine on straight goats milk but a very young puppy who has been struggling since birth needs a scientifically formulated mixture of nutrients to ensure proper brain and organ development.

Many vets offer a free first visit you can use to get information about what to feed your puppies, how much and how often. If you aren't able to talk with a vet, opt for the best nutrition available to you (many vets in my area recommend Esbilac Puppy Formula).

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You should also have Mom checked out. Even very young moms usually nurse and take care of the puppies if they are healthy. Sounds like she could be sick. Less than a year old is very young to be bred though, so she could just be confused. Your vet will be able to assess the mom and puppies and make appropriate recommendations.

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Meghane definitely!

Also, if he recommends bottle feeding, and the pups are still very young, please make sure you ask him about what to do AFTER feeding them. Some animals (I know its true in kittens, but haven't done pups for a long long time), may need stimiulation to urinate or deficate afterwards, and he can show you how to do this.

Like I said, its been a loooooong time since I had to do anything like that. Heck that might be true only in the first two weeks.

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