Removing PVC fitting

bus_driverJune 29, 2011

1" PVC installation about 30 years old. Brass check valve has internal leak. The check valve is about all that is exposed and very little of the PVC on either side is readily accessible. I will saw through one of the PVC male adapters at the "shoulder" of the threaded end and unscrew the valve from the other adapter. But I need to remove the cemented "collar" of the adapter from the pipe after the sawing. Any good suggestions for getting that piece off the pipe and leave the pipe usable for cementing a new fitting?

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It can not be done because PVC is not cemented in the sense that the glue is sticking two pieces together. Although we call it glueing, technically speaking, PVC is chemically welded whereby the PVC glue melts the plastic in both the pipe wall and the fitting and they are fused into one piece.

The solution is to cut the pipe back on one end and use a coupling and a short nipple of pipe to extend back to a thread adapter.

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