Gutters running into the ground, finding where they go?

relgeizJune 24, 2013


I have a house from 2001 in MN that uses a practice I thought was abandoned. The home is on a slight grade and the "uphill" downspouts go into a drain tile looking pipe, straight into the ground.

I'm not entirely sure where they go, hopefully to a pipe and routed around the home but would it be possible they're going to the sump pump? It runs *way* too often after a good rain and we've never had standing water around the home.

Who could I call to come scope them out and investigate my questions / issues?


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You could check yourself on a dry day. Put a hose in the drain and see if the water ends up in the sump pit.

I suspect it does not lead to the sump pit. It's probably just foundation drain water. If it did, you would have so much water during storms that the pump wouldn't be able to keep up. Adn if you ever had a power outage you'd be flooded, for sure.

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That's a good point homebound, I forget just how much water a roof would collect.

Now, I just need a dry day...

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