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amberdimSeptember 1, 2014

We have 2 cats now... Our eldest son brought Zelda into our life when she was 2 or 3 mths old. She is now 4 and had grown into a gorgeous mellow cat. We were thinking off getting her a brother or a sister for some time and I was searching some websites for cats to adopt... Then, I found a gorgeous cat named Bettie Paige at a shelter, but we just call her Bettie.I wish we could take all the cats, but our building only allows 2. At first, Zelda was a little threatened and was attacking her a bit, but that stopped. Now they just play fight, taking turns chasing each other. She loves treats and licks my son's fingers when he gives her treats, which I find very cute. She is also very unique, because one of her eyes are 2 different colours! I find this really cool. Bettie is an amazing cat, and became a really good little sister to Zelda.

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What a cutie!
Thank you for sharing your sweet story about your two kitties!

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I'm glad you adopted 2! Your saving little lives....

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How awesome of you to open your home to another kitty, your story sounds alot like ours, my new baby is only 3 months old, she & my 2 1/2 year old are working things out slowly. My kitten reminds me of yours.

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Yes, they do look similar. The new cat eats a lot, and she doesn't quite get along with the other one, but they are working on it.

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Double post

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Love kitties and have rescued a few but cannot keep myself due to allergy induced asthma. I am so thankful for those kind people like yourself who love these beautiful animals and give them forever homes. I am sure both your cats are grateful that you have provided them not only human companionship but another cat who speaks their language.

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