I can't throw it a Whey!

dgkritchDecember 5, 2011

Pun definitely intended!

I made homemade ricotta cheese over the weekend and now have about 4 cups of "whey" left over. The recipe used lemon juice to create the curds so is "acidified" and can't be used on plants, etc.

I need ideas for using it up. I will add some to a bread recipe, but 4 c. is a lot!

Any other ideas? I don't like it just to drink plain.


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I find your pun a little cheesy :-).


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Little Miss Muffet sat on a tuffet
Eating her curds and whey,
Along came a spider,
Who sat down beside her
And frightened Miss Muffet away

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I understand you can use it as a sort of buttermilk substitution..... maybe an Irish Soda Bread variation then freeze the product until you need it?


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Udderly ridiculous.

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Gee, you guys are just full of it tonight!! I guess I started it though, huh?

Thanks Alexa! I'm planning to add some to bread.
Seems it's good for your hair, compost pile, soaking grains as well. I'll probably just freeze some of the whey for use later. Hate to throw it away (NOT goin' THERE again...) when it is so full of protein.


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You guys are so punny.

Use in smoothies?

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Deanna, we're gonna milk it for all its worth.

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Little Miss Muffet
Sat on her tuffet
Eating her curds & whey.

Along came a spider
And sat down beside her

... and she beat the SH!! out of it with her spoon!

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Word of caution using whey in yeast bread. Too much can affect the volume, symmetry, cellular structure, and texture of bread. One of the whey proteins is to blame but you can deactivate the protein by scalding the whey (and cooling) before adding it to your recipe.

I use whey drained from homemade kefir in our lemonade or limeade in the summer. It's better than Gatorade for quenching thirst and is rich in electrolites.

I add whey to water and steel-cut oats for an overnight soak (2 T. whey per cup of water). The benefits from soaking... The oatmeal will cook in 5-minutes. Soaking also allows enzymes, lactobacilli and other "friendly" organisms to break down the difficult-to-digest phytic acid in grains. I do the same thing when I use any grain for porridge (kamut, spelt, rye, teff, amaranth, corn grits...).

The link below has 18 Ways to Use Whey...


Here is a link that might be useful: 18 Ways to Use Whey

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Is what I have even whey?
I heated 1% (store-bought) milk with salt, then added lemon juice. It formed ricotta curds which I scooped into cheesecloth and allowed to drip over the pan.

What is really left? Whey with lemon? Does it still have the wonderful proteins, etc.?

Would it be beneficial in 100% whole wheat bread? I grind my own wheat. I'm still struggling with getting a nice light loaf.


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In my house, we call this a "dog treat." They love it!

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I believe what you have is not a whey strictly speaking. Real whey is a liqid fraction separated after milk fermentation. Many of wheys good components (enzymes, etc) are produced by bacteria during fermentation. Your milk was curdled by artificially added acid, not by the coversion of lactose. No bacteria growth.

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