Kraftmaid vs Omega dynasty

nycjohn123March 1, 2012

Anyone have Omega Dynasty cabs? I am getting quoted for KM tomm but wanted to hear about Dynasty also. I know they are more expensive than KM is it worth it?

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Hi nyc..

I have Kraftmaid, and my sister and mother both have Omega...

I have worked in both their kitchens, and honestly don't see that the quality is any better than my cabinets. I would say all 3 kitchens have lovely cabinets..

I think the difference may be in their are more custom options as far as sizing etc...but couldn't say that for sure..

I am very happy with my KM cabinets and thought they were priced fairly. My kitchen is larger than my sister's.. My sister's cabs cost much more..

sister's kitchen

my kitchen

Good Luck!


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Thank you KA! I like your KM kitchen better! What color is that? We were thinking of Kaffe, what door style is that? Very nice!
I have a 10 x 13 kitchen how much you think it'll cost? I'm thinking around $9,000.

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Well, Im no cabinet expert, but I don't think you can tell quality from a picture..even cheap cabinets will look nice in a picture because you can't get a sense of the finish, construction, etc...My contractor generally recommends Merrillat Classic to his customers, but they are basically builder grade and I had lived with builder junk for 27 years and knew I wanted an upgrade but had them priced out anyway. They ended up being less than $2,000 less than the Dynasty cabinets just installed. For an extra $1700-1800 or so it was worth it to me to go with Dynasty, a much better cabinet. My guess is that Kraftmaid would be considered below Dynasty. I would price both out and then decide...most likely Dynasty will be more but perhaps not THAT much more and you can decide if the difference is worth it. I will say, I am very happy with the Dynasty cabinets...they look beautiful and are very solid.

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Never had Omega but I do have the KM. Love them...think they look terrific and haven't had any issues with them. I have all the extras in my kitchen cabinets (roll-outs, soft-close etc.)

The bathroom cabinets have been in for 10 years in my husbands bathroom and still look terrific. No issues with anything breaking either.

Can't compare because I've never had Omega. Good luck!

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Hi again nyc..

I agree with joanie, that you can't tell from a picture...but as I said I have been in my sister's and mother's kitchen 100's of times, so I am just offering my opinion that all of the cabinets seem of similar quality. I think it will all depend on the needs of your particular design.

To answer your question, my door style is Layton (Home Depot) ...they are cherry wood with a Peppercorn stain which is the darkest stain. FWIW, my sister also has cherry wood, but a medium stain. My mother's Omega cabinets are alder with a medium stain. I couldn't answer your question as to price..I have an oddly shaped kitchen so I can't compare it to your dimensions. If you click on my photo it will take you to my kitchen album.

Hope that helps..


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Joanie, youre right cant tell quality from a pic but they sure look nice! Will definitely price omega dynasty to see if the price difference is that great. I'm looking for quality without killing my bank account. I'm in nyc where everything seems to me more expensive than anywhere else.

KA- Thank you again for your insight! You ordered through HD did you have any problems with the cabs? theres so many horror stories about KM and HD online.

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Love my Omega Dynasty cabinets! When I was looking in 2007, I looked at KraftMaid and Omega and the Omega was definitely a higher quality. It's been 5 years, so that may have changed.

The cabinets felt more solid, had more standard "bells & whistles" (e.g., soft-close on all drawers), had just about everything I needed regardless of size (one cabinet is 31.5" and another 31" - something we could not do in KraftMaid). In addition, we had a couple of cabinets that had to be custom and since Omega carries all their semi-custom woods & finishes and most door & drawer styles in their Custom line as well, I was able to get Custom only where needed and semi-custom (Dynasty) for the rest of the kitchen. Again, this was not something I could do with KraftMaid.

Their customer service is superb as well. I had some issues with my KD's company...I ordered (and paid for) extra shelves for all my cabinets. The first delivery, my KD's company lost. When they re-ordered, they mis-ordered them TWICE (wrong width the first time and wrong depth the second time)! When I told them to try again, they refused. So, I called Omega directly (even though my KD's company said I couldn't b/c Omega did not deal with customers directly - not true!) I explained what happened and they told me not to worry about it and that they would take care of it for me and that they would deal with the KD's company. Within a week I had all my shelves - the correct sizes!- delivered directly to me, not the KD. They did not give me a hard time or arguments - they immediately took control and I had no more problems!

Quality control - all were great, no finish or other issues - and I have a lot of cabinets!

Drawer fronts and doors are spaced evenly with very little space b/w them (full overlay)...I had a couple of people here tell me they had never seen such precise and small spacing before...and no issues with doors or drawer fronts hitting or rubbing.

If I ever do another kitchen, I will be using Omega again!

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I think this is the pic I had comments on...

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I have Kraftmaid cabinets in Kaffe that I ordered from Lowes! They were installed this week, so I can't say that I have lived with them yet. However, in quite a few cabinets, I only have one door that is of questionable quality (mostly due to the finish) that I think I will likely return to them. Other than that door, everything is beautiful. We are still mid-reno so I am reluctant to post pics yet, but I will if you want to see how that particular stain looks installed on cabinets. I did not look at Omega, so can't speak to the quality of each side by side. Kraftmaid delivery was perfect, my GC has had no problems with installation and is remarking that the quality of the cabinets is great, so far the design by the KD is coming to fruition very nicely from paper to an actual kitchen. Let me know if you want a couple of pics along the way of installation.

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buehl: Thanks for your reply, your kitchen looks great! The cab spacing is incredible! If you dont mind me asking how much did all the dynasty cabs cost you? I know for my 10 x13 kitchen KM will cost around $9500. Also what kind of tiles you have on your floor they look really good.

Kellienoelle: Yes please send some pics! I am so curious as to how kaffe will look in a kitchen. They had it in my KD showroom but their lighting is professional not regular home lighting so everything looks better there!

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Well, I don't know about the lighting thing, that is one part that hasn't yet been installed except for the recessed. But here they are, please ignore the mess. A few more cabinet things to be installed, including floating shelves (where the tape is) and all the trim work at the bottom of the cabinets, and doors on the left uppers (still need to get glass put in). In the second picture you can see the door that I don't like and will be sending back (on the right side of the island)

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We just installed KM cherry cabinets in ginger glaze. We have had only 2 problems. One was a finish issue with one of the doors and the other was some warped door handles. Because our KD was on vacation, I emailed the accompany directly and they immediately sent me out replacements. Even though the handles were free with our order due to the current promotion they were having, they sent me an entire new full order of handles to replace the handfull of warped ones.

Everything fits together tightly with very little spacing and we were able to change the depth or width of any cabinet for a reasonable up charge, which we did on 3 cabinets. They come with soft close doors and drawers standard.

For the cost we are very happy with our cabinets, and extremely happy with Kraftmaid's customer service.

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wow great looking cabs kellieNoelle! Did you order the Sonata Cherry Cabs? I see the door with the issue I would Defnitely return it!

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abfaamy: how long was the lead time for your cabinets? I've read hd and lowes is around 6 to 8 weeks sometimes as long as 10 weeks. Was it faster using an independent KD?

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We did order through Lowes. I just checked my paperwork and we ordered the cabs on 9/30/11, Kraftmaid received the order 10/3, and they were delivered to us on 10/28. They sat in our garage for a month and a half til we were ready to start installing. We have done all installation ourselves, and have had zero problems with that.

We grout the floor tile today, then it's just finish work left! Onward to the backsplash!

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hi again nyc...

To answer your question...No problem with Home Depot and my KM cabs at all..They were delivered in 6 weeks, in perfect condition.

Both kellie and beuhl's kitchens look great..I don't think you can go wrong... There's always a chance that there could be a problem with an order...however, I'm sure most issues will be resolved to your satisfaction with either company.


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nyc - yep, those are the Sonata door style, we really love them. Originally just going for plain shaker, but I liked the something a little extra while still being pretty simple.

Buehl - I can definitely see what you mean about the tight spacing of your cabinets. Very nice!

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Kellienoelle, what color countertop you're getting? We're thinking dark granite for ours. Curious to see what colors go with the Kaffe.

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Kathy Devlin

Buehl, your kitchen is beautiful! Can you tell me what stain and doorstyle you have?

Really love all the kitchens on this thread, but I think we are going to go with Omega.

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Kellienoelle I love your cabinets! Can you tell me how wide your kitchen is? I have a similar layout with a peninsula where your coffee maker is, instead of an island. i would like to change the penisula to an island but not sure if my room is wide enough? Kitchen designers say yes but I am not sure???

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I just looked at both of these today. The Omega is a better build than KM. I am awaiting numbers, but I expect Omega will be 2 to 3 grand more than the KM. I have heard of many bad experiences by people using HD & Lowes, but glad to hear of good stories on this blog. My KM estimate is coming from a small cabinet shop. After seeing the Omega I am not sure if I will be appy with the KM finish. Budget may influence the decision.

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kitchenaddict - Love your kitchen! What is your backsplash? Granite?? Making those decisions this week.

For the record - I researched and priced out cabinets for months, with lots of that reserach right here on GW. I wound up going with KM - options were amazing, quality stood up to every comparison I did and I ordering during a promotion so got a great deal. All soft close, all delux roll-outs, shaker white painted and it was still cheaper than the rest due to the promotion. Also, I went to multiple high-end kitchen design showrooms for estimates and the desinger at Home Depot spent the most time with me, really understood how I will use my kitchen and made great suggestions and evn emailed me ideas and off hours. He went way above and beyond any of the other places. In fact - I'm still waiting on an estimate from one of the other shops!

If you go with KM, get everything laid out, then wait to order them when they are running a promotion. It shaved our budget down about 3K.

They quoted me 4-6 weeks but after I ordered them the date they gave me was 3 1/2 weeks to the date and I've heard they are very reliable with delivery date.

I can't wait for demo to start in two weeks!! I'll share pictures!


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I am planning to remodel my kitchen soon and came across this forum. I am leaning toward the KM cabinets due to the price difference between KM and Omega Dynasty. Rebecca, what do you think of your KM cabinets 9 months later?

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I recently (summer 2013) ordered and received Dynasty cabinets, and was terribly disappointed in the quality of construction. While the doors look very nice, the cabinets themselves were very poor quality- the frames on multiple cabinets were so out of square they could not be installed properly, we had two different highly experienced installers on site, neither could believe the sloppy workmanship and shoddy construction, and did not feel the cabinets were worth the money paid. The sides and bottoms do not fit well, gaps are visible throughout, and flimsy 3/8 plywood was used, even on the back which supports the weight of the cabinet. The corner blocking was falling out of several units, and misaligned in others. We received 3 replacements for one cabinet, which in the end was still damaged but we decided to just live with it due to the extensive delays. And we now just discovered one of the face frames is split where the screw fastens the corner(we had thought it was a scratch, and were planning on living with it rather than experience more delays). There is very little holding these cabinet frames together, I do not expect them to last. They are definitely overpriced and not worth the $22,000 paid. Do not be misled by the company website claim of master craftsmanship- perhaps in earlier times the craftsmanship was there, but it is clearly not present now.

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