Kitten problems after neutering.

sam23September 24, 2010

This may sound confusing, and I apologize in the mean time if anything is. With my concern and annoyance [which I will explain] my mind is jumpy at the moment. So if you need anymore information on something, feel free to ask and I will!

First off, my kittens name is Sam, and pretty much is like a child to me. He is about six months now and since I have gotten him, he has grown super attached to me. I left for three days on vacation and he screamed the entire time I was gone. I feel bad for this kitten too because it seems like he can never get a break.

He came home and discovered he had ringworm, then he went to the doctors for shots and got sick, took him in for a check up and he got the 'kitty flu', and then had to get neutered yesterday, and here is where the problem begins.

The vet, I personally do not like them. I find them very shady and not trustful. You might ask, why would I go there then? Simply, I just recently got laid off, I am very tight on money, aka don't have any, and my stepfather works there as a janitor pretty much. The entire procedure was free and I expected that since they like him so much, they would take care of him.

Now, I was not there obviously, but apparently they had given him two shots, which I will touch on in a moment. They proceeded with the neutering and he was brought home to me. Naturally he was very groggy, and I even hopped into bed a good four hours early so he could rest more comfortably.

I awoke at 6:30 this morning to a rowdy cat clawing up the carpet and was excited to see him so lively already. And now, the problem begins.

I went back to sleep, got up around 10 or so, went downstairs and got breakfast, talked to the family and whatnot, and I come back and he has a bald spot on the back of his neck. It was not there before, and he can't get to it, so how did it get there? I touched the bald spot and he instantly let me know that he was not happy and in pain. I felt absolutely horrible and had my mom call the vets so I could stay with my cat.

At this point, I was not mad, but it happened fast. They told her they gave him a rabies shot and a penicillin shot, without telling her why. It was under my understanding, he had all his shots, and that he couldn't be neutered unless he got the final shot and waited two weeks. So right there when she told me, I was mad. And they told her the penicillin shot was probably the reason his hair fell out and is in pain.

Now when I touch him pretty much anywhere, he shakes all over as if he was in pain. It is too late tonight for me to take him anywhere, and he is eating and drinking fine, sleeping right in front of me as I type this.

Is there anyone who can at least confirm what she said, or do I have to take this cat into an emergency center. I don't have the money, but I will do anything to ensure this cat is safe. I have seen some very helpful people here, and I know someone could at least give me an idea if that could be right, or this lady is just a complete hack.

Thank you in advance to anyone who can help me, Sam and I both will appreciate it so so so much!

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I'm so sorry for what your kitten and you have been and are now going through. None of what you describe is normal, but the only thing I can think of to explain it is that perhaps your kitten is allergic to penicillin. If that's the case, I would at least call the ER and ask them if this sounds like an emergency situation.

I wish you both the best,


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If it helps at all, the skin has turned yellow, but not completely. Just in the raised section. Could this be pus or something inside that is coming to the surface?

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could be, but who knows?

I'd take him to the vet.

I wish you the best.

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Sorry Sam doesn't feel well, but as long as he is eating and drinking fine and seems to be breathing normally it probably isn't an emergency. But I would take him to a different vet once you find out the answers to a couple of questions...

1) What type of rabies vaccine was given, and where was it given? Sam could be experiencing a vaccine reaction, and to avoid them in the future you need to know what to avoid (not all rabies vaccines are created equal).

2) What infection prompted the penicillin shot and does Sam need continued care? What should you be looking out for?

3) Where was the penicillin shot given?

4) Was it a routine neuter?

5) What was given for pain control (penicillin and rabies vaccine don't do anything for the pain associated with making 2 scrotal incisions and ripping out the testicles and tying them in a knot).

I hope by now Sam is feeling better but those questions need to be answered. Certain rabies vaccines have been associated with cancer, and if Sam was given one of those types of vaccines then you need to know in order to keep a close eye on the vaccine area. Whatever prompted the vet to give a penicillin shot needs to be addressed as well, because if he had an infection you need to know what to watch for to make sure it gets better.

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Whatever prompted the vet to give a penicillin shot needs to be addressed as well

Part of routine protocol for ferals in both spay neuter clinics I volunteer at (penicillin injection). In fact, in one of them, I am the one administering it! I do not know if similar protocol is in place for owned cats.

Maybe OP's vet is following a similar protocol?

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