well sediment in irrigation filter - help please!

dantisJune 7, 2011

Hi All,

I had a submersible well pump replaced 1 year ago. It still operates fine, except, now that I have turned on my irrigation system, the irrigation filter with 60 mesh screen is getting clogged with sediment. its sand and fine silt mostly, rust colored. I don't see this in my house fixtures because I have a water softener. After only 4 hours of sprinkler run time the filter is clogged solid. Any ideas why I am getting so much sediment? When it was first put in, i got some, and I had the pump raised some, but apparently that did not work. I am also concerned I may be clogging my pump and stressing my softener system. I am at a loss. well guy wants me to run garden hose from bottom of pressure tank to "flush" well again, but its been a year!! Help please!!

Thank you


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I should also note, that before i had the pump changed, there was a paper whole house ctaridge filter on the irrigation system that I would only need to change once a season, no sediment at all. So the problem did start with the new pump.

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How deep is the well? Is it a shallow well? If so you may need a sand removal filter. The attached link shows an automatic model which purges sand at a variable setting. It can be purchased at one of the big box retailers. The item number is a Lowes item number. You may be able to google the model and find another source.

My first well was sending sand up and when I researched the well log, the driller only went through 85 feet of sand/silt. I had them drill another well deeper and through the rock layer to water on the other side. No sand, but plenty of iron here. I have an iron filter which works Great.

Hope this helps,

Take Care


Ecopure Whole House Sediment Water Filtration System
Item #:291417 : Model #:EP-ASF1

Here is a link that might be useful: Lowes

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