Cold water is soft but hot water is hard?

rjrobertsonJune 19, 2013

We have well water and do have a water softener. Recently we had to have a new water heater installed but now we have soft cold water and our hot water has that rotten egg smell while the cold water does not. I had filled up the softener with salt right after the new water heater was installed so I figured that the problem would go away in time once the tank emptied and refilled a few times but the problem still exists after two months. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thank you.

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If both hot and cold were softened before the WH was replaced then the softener is installed correctly so we can rule that out.

Replacing a WH should only require disconnecting the cold water in line and the hot water water out line, the T&P drain line, and gas line or electric. Nothing else should have been touched.

It is not unheard of for someone to reverse the hot and cold at the WH and create a problem that wasn't there before.

Who installed the WH?

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This would be backward from recommended. Generally, if you leave one unsoftened, it would be the cold as hard and the hot as soft...(so as not to mess with your drinking water).

did the lines get reversed somehow?

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Also, hot water dissolves things more easily than cold. What could be in your lines or other systems that could be dissolving that mineral?

OR, what is growing in your hot water tank (what is its temp) that is releasing sulfur compounds?

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