Square corner wall cabinets vs blind corners

frontMarch 17, 2014

What are your thoughts on square wall corners? The ones with the hinge in the middle? It is 24x24. The other option is a blind corner. It will increase the size of the adjacent cabinets, but there will be the blind area which will not get much use.

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We opted to do a blind corner, in order to preserve the adj runs of cabinetry as drawer space along one leg or run, and as a tray cabinet on the other, right next to the range. We located the gas shut-off valve (required in our municipality) in the blind corner (accessible via a pull-out panel in the wall of the tray cabinet). This freed up all of drawer and cabinet space on either side of the range.

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I think front is asking about uppers.

I have 2 easy-reach uppers in my kitchen, and I love them - tons better than the diagonal uppers I used to have. I wanted to get to the corner space.

My Mom had a blind corner in her kitchen, and made good use of it. Her house was built long before someone came up with the easy-reach idea. She was able to reach part-way into the blind part, and put things in the back she rarely used.

I think the decider would be how big the adjacent cabinet is, and what you plan to put there. I can't remember your dimensions exactly, but if you can eliminate a 12" upper cabinet with either option, you will come out ahead.

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I love my square corner wall much more than the blind corner I used to have. I am able to make better use of space. It did dictate some of my layout based on spacing but I do not regret it.

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With a blind corner, I got a 28" double-door cabinet instead of a 16" cabinet. I just want to open a door or pull out a drawer and not fiddle with two-piece hinged doors and roll-out shelves and Susans. It's only a 12" deep blind cabinet, not a black hole where things are never seen again. I stuff it with paper towel rolls and other odd tall things, like a box of cereal or tall bottles. The shelves in my other wall cabinets are spaced closer, so it gives me one cab for those items.

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