'mushy' diarrhea & 1' trunk rash, indoors, 8 y/o F cat!

bellaandqtpieSeptember 11, 2011

I have two 8-year-old (diff litters) strictly indoor cats in a top (4th) floor aptmt, that I occasionally let onto the deck to enjoy the sun-- they only sniff the two tomato plants we have, but otherwise ignore them. But I do wonder if the symptoms Bella has are at all related to the tomato plants or separate:

QT Pie seems completely fine, while Bella has developed some sort of 1" by 1" skin rash mid-trunk on the side about 3 weeks now, that has seemed to diminish but she still licks it and has created a little bald spot. Hot spot? I thought I would wait it out a little before going to the vet in case it was a play scratch/boo boo from QT Pie's claws or something, but now that she has had "mushy" diarrhea for a week and a half now (not liquid, but like a medium or "mushy" or semi-solid "mushy" consistency, light/medium beige color, no fresh or dried blood, no visible worms, no abnormal odor, litter visits for urination/diarrhea seem normal in timing), I am wondering what this could be.

I am starting to worry. I've had both since they were about 6 weeks old, so I know them both very well. Bella's temperment/habits have not changed at all:

She talks like she always has (a lot!), consumes water the same (has always sat for about 2 minutes consuming water, a few times a day), consumes her food normally (dry Taste of the Wild, recommended by the vet last year, as she was a little chubby, which has worked), occasional Greenie treats, purrs and cuddles during the day/night like normal, no foul breath, no accidents on the carpet except for the occasional hairball (long beige fur), and plays like a kitten still!

Last vaccinations for both were in November last year, so they're not due yet... any ideas? It would be greatly appreciated, as my husband and I are both students and we have limited funds! Thanks for your help!

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While cats don't normally eat tomato plants, they are in the nightshade family and are poisonous, so if they merely licked themselves after brushing up against them that could upset their tummy. You know how tomato sap gets on your arms after working with them, so the spot could be contact dermatitis from the sticky sap that the plants have. Or, it could be completely unrelated and be something like ringworm. The only way to know is for your vet to do scrapings and look at them.

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Sounds like a trip to the vet might be needed. Thanks for your help!

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