Quieting down the sump pump discharge pipes

relgeizJune 24, 2013


I've read up on sump pump noises and most seem to be related to the check valve thump.

Although that's loud too, most of the noise comes from my discharge pipe itself, resonating just below the floor between my unfinished utility room and the guest room above every time our pump runs. (It runs quite often, but that's for another day...)

I've found some acoustic pipe wrap that may help deaden the sound but it's pretty expensive. The pipe runs about 15 feet before exiting the home. Thankfully it's in an unfinished portion so it's easy to access.

Any ideas on what I can use to keep things a bit quieter?


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If the discharge pipe is firmly attached to the floor structure, it is transferring maximum vibration to the floor, which is amplifying the sound like a drumskin. Find a way to either not have it attached to the underside of the floor, or at least hang it from springs or bungees.

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