3' PVC Repair (Slip) Fitting question

jaysgardenJune 21, 2011

Question about 3" PVC repair(slip) coupling.

Had floor tile installed in 1st floor bathroom. Removed old closet flange and elbow by cutting the horizontal

3" which is easily accessible from basement. After installing the new flange at the new floor level I'll need a 3" PVC repair coupling on the horizontal run in the basement.

Once I slide the repair coupling on one end of the 3" horizontal about how much time do I have to align the

other end of the 3" horizontal and slide the repair coupling across before the glue sets and makes the cupling immovable?

For a photo prior to removing the old closet flange and elbow see the following:


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A Fernco could be used.

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Guessing that you would have about 5-7 seconds, but you might not have enough play in your pipes to do it all at once anyway. Go with the Fernco option.

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First off, be sure you get a repair coupling, not a regular coupling.

A regular coupling has an internal stop ring that will only allow a pipe to be inserted 1/2 way, but the repair coupling has no internal stop ring.

To make your joint you begin by sliding the repair coupling on one pipe and slide it about 4" from the end of the pipe. You then clean both pipes to be joined, apply glue to both pipe ends and slide the coupling back over the joint.

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If I go with the Fernco do I have to get the one with the full ban shield that compresses it or is it OK to go with the Fernco that only has hose clamps at each end?

Also are hub and no-hub fernco of different size?

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