My kitty is vomiting

prettyeyes1September 5, 2011

Her name is Pebbles and she is 6 yrs old. She has always vomited off and on but not this much. She vomited twice on Saturday, 4 times Sunday, and 3 times today so far. I have been unable to get her to the vet. They have been closed. I asked a vet online about this and he suggested giving her pepcid AC and pedialyte. So, I gave her that around 2:30 today. A little over 5 hours later she threw up again. Today so far it has just been clear frothy liquid. She was vomiting bile yesterday. I managed to give her about a tsp of water and pedialyte mixed. She doesn't want to eat and when she drinks it is very little. She has lost some weight but doesn't seem to be running a fever. I been reading through the different posts about how some cats do this because of stress. She is a very skittish kitty, always has been. My one male cat has chased her trying to play. Well, she didn't like that and now she is always on alert for him and growls and hisses and carries on even if he just looks at her. We also recently got a new kitten. Could she possibly be jealous or stressed about that. She is definitely my baby and my shadow. She follows me around everywhere and she always has to be able to see me.

Also, I don't know if she has used the litterbox today or not. I saw her use it yesterday once and she peed.

Any feedback, suggestions, or ideas would be greatly appreciated.

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Any chance you could get her to an emergency/24 hr vet? If not, try to get her in tomorrow. You don't want her to go too long without eating.

Good luck!!!

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I did call an ER vet but they said it was $85 to walk in the door and I don't have that much money. I plan to call her vet to get her in tomorrow.

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Did you get to the vet today? How is the cat?

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