Brand new septixcsystem failing

gardenandcatsJune 20, 2010

Last Oct we had a brand new septic tank and leach field installed.Designed by a engineer and installed by a company that has done them for 20 years. State of the art system..All new sand, gravel put in..Have checked with a meter water comsumption by us and its not excessive no leaks in plumbing.Low flow toilet and washer does not even go into it..We are using way less water per day then it should handle it has failed..leach field is full of water and can not leach. The engineer has rechecked it all and all is put in as should be. $22.000.00 and no one can find out why it is doing this..Anyone have any thoughts???

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Did the soil under the leach field pass perc?

Something sounds wrong if they had to use gravel and sand.

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Get a second and third opinion from other septic specialists...

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In NC, a licensed Soil Scientist is considered to be the real expert in septic systems leach fields.

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I did get a 2nd opinion today. They still have no idea whats wrong.All he could think of is maybe they opened up a underground spring. But hes doubtfull on that..

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Get a third opinion... there is an answer.

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