Any good 1.28 gpf toilets out there?

foodonastumpJune 18, 2013

I just remodeled two bathrooms. In the first I put a cadet 3 which I've had sitting around NIB for a few years. Back when I bought it, it got decent reviews on Terry Love's site, but what a joke. It's a double flush every time unless all that's going in there is clear, used beer.

So I decided to step up a notch for the second bath and got a Drake 2. Again, good reviews and videos show an impressive flush. Everything that doesn't get stuck to the bowl goes down, but I've never had to deal with skid marks EVERY TIME like I do with this one. Sanagloss, what a joke.

I can't afford to replace both toilets at this point and figure I'll keep the Toto because it at least has a good name, but I'd be interested if there are any recs for a reasonably priced white replacement for the cadet, hopefully something close in color to American Standard white.

Also, what's with the lids these days? Are they not meant to be sat on? Both crush under my weight and scratch very easily. But that's the least of my worries right now.

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Well, about the skid marks... If you let them sit a bit (1/2 hour) and they under the water, with sanagloss, they will be gone when you come back... they will have "slid" off/down. (to be totally frank)

After that... You aren't going to get much better than an Drake II, imo. If you have issue with that toilet, you aren't going to like any 1.28 gal flush toilet. It has the largest waterspot (to reduce skidding), flushes well, etc. It does have a flimsy toilet seat--I'll grant you that.

(And, since you have read Terry Love's site, this shouldn't come as a surprise, but you may want to reconsider your diet, gall bladder function, or hydration status).

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I have two of these pressure assist toilets and both clear everything in the bowl 100% of the time. Same flush action as tankless commercial toilets. About $70 more than Drake II and works three times better.

American Standardî Cadetî/Yorkvilleî 1.1 Gallon Pressure-Assist Toilet Tank - Designed On Cadet Platform To Deliver Performance AndVersatility - Toilet Tank, Bowl Sold Separately - Powered By Sloanî Flushmateî - Left Hand Tank - 12" Rough-In - Uses 31% Less Water Than Standard 1.6 GPF Toilet - 1-Year Warranty - Use With 404789, 404790, 404782 Bowls - Mfg #4142.100

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Kirkhall - my guess is you're rigt about me not being happy with any 1.28. Even if I lived alone I'd not be inclined to leave a dirty toilet behind to hopefully take care of itself. And yes, I've read some of those comments on TL's site - I find them amusing but not practical. I'm not about to dictate the eating habits of friends and family to meet the needs of my inadequate toilet, nor would I hang a sign above it warning to sit up straight to avoid misfiring above the water line!

klem1 - thanks for suggesting that option. The tank alone is more than I paid for the toilet so that might make it tough to throw money at it, but I'll continue researching that.

Thanks to both!

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I'm also looking for a good toilet for a bath reno. In my other bath I have an American Standard one-piece that I got at Lowes a few years ago. I don't recall the model but it was named the best flush by Lowes at the time. It is fantastic and I'd buy it in a heartbeat if I could find it again except my husband says the water level in the bowl is too high for him. (I assume at least some of you will understand what he's talking about?) So I'm looking for another good option. Good flush is key - blockages re a regular occurrence on our old toilet and I want to rid myself of that problem. Any new wonder bowls out there now?

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By the way, I'd really like a skirted toilet, and my plumber isn't crazy about Toto because he said they're harder (take longer and cost more) to install, so I'm looking for other brands. Thanks.

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I don't know what your plumber is talking about. Most Toto toilets install the same as Kohler, AS, etc. They do have some (Vespin, others) that use an interposer between the toiled and the closet flange, and that will take a bit longer.

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This is a funny thread. I have installed a lot of toilets. I haven't been in the business in many years, but when I re-modeled our bathrooms I went Toto and much prefer the separate trap assembly and bowl design the yhave over any others. I also prefer a skirted toilet as they are much easier to clean.

Prior to moving here we bought the place and our daughter lived in it. One of the toilets was on the blink so she went out and bought a Drake. I have the same, uhhh, body chemistry issues as the original poster. It is a double pumper. I agree with the Sangloss statement about it shedding the skid marks, but that leaves "discolored" water in the bowl.

One of the things I like the best about the Toto is the Bidet toilet seats that wash and dry your bottom. I've shaved my head for a long time and have decided that a wash and dry on the other end is pretty cool. Opinions may vary;)

The other toilet in the house is a Wellworth (Kohler). It is date stamped 1936 production. Kohler have very few skirted toilets today. This 77 yr old toilet is in remarkable condition and I am going to re-build it and keep it. We have hard water issues here and with my re-build of the kitchen and baths I will be adding treatment, but the 77 yr old Kohler has much less of the brown iron ring at the water level than the 4 yr old Toto

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