installing roman tub handles

fritzlovesmaryJune 27, 2010

hi, i am new here with my first post - even though i have been reading and learning in this forum for a while now.

we want to install roman tub handles for our bathtub and i was wondering if instead of using the connection for the provided flexible hand shower hose we could use a copper pipe and install a fixed shower head in the wall.



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Showers are inappropriate with a Roman tub unless the tub is installed with an integral tile flange to keep the overspray from penentrating behind the wall and onto the floor. Adding a shower to a tub that wasn't designed for it is an inviation to water damage and the mold that goes along with it.

BTW, you'll need to also change out your valves to your tub unless you are buying compatible handles from the same manufacturer as the valve already installed.

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No mention of changing the tub, just handles, etc.

As for the handheld shower arm, does it look basically like a short version of a regular shower arm? If so, you can unscrew it and replace with a regular shower arm (6" or 8").

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thanks for your answers. the tub will be put in a 3-sided alcove (2 outside walls) and has a tile flange on these 3 sides. all the plumbing will be new (no old handles, valves, etc.). i finally got to see a set of roman handles with a hand shower and i think i can just replace the flexible hose with a copper pipe to the shower head.
thanks again.

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