Does anyone here eat low carb?

sisto12April 17, 2013

My doctor put me on a "no to low" carb diet, 20 carbs or less per day, and they are to come mainly from salad vegetables. As I have tried to understand this it looks a lot like the Atkins diet, but my exceptions are only lean protein, red meat no more than twice a week, and limited to reduced fat cheese with only 1 carb per serving. She thinks this will bring my glucose numbers down from pre-diabetes numbers to normal without using medicine. I go back to be rechecked in 12 weeks. My questions here are has anyone else tried this way of treatment, did it work, and how long did it take to see results? All thoughts and comments are appreciated!

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I would love your doctor! I ate this way for years, beginning in 1995, to lose weight, control my blood sugar, and get my dangerous triglyceride numbers down to safe levels. It worked on all counts. Because I do not handle saturated fats well, no cheese was included in my diet.

I had done Atkins back in the 1960s (he was my physician in NYC), but could no longer consume saturated fats. So I designed the diet myself, and did it on my own. The first week or so was wicked as I went cold turkey off the carbs I was addicted to, but after that I felt great. I lost almost 50 lbs. and kept it off for about 15 years. I've since gained about 12-15 back.

I need to do this again because in recent years I've gradually allowed too many carbs into my life. I still don't eat sugar, but bread has become way too tempting and I probably eat too much fruit as well. So thank you for the reminder, and best of luck to you!

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

20 carbs is the equivalent of one leaf of iceburg lettuce, practically. These types of diets do have the ability of lowering blood sugar numbers. But at what risk? Such a diet can be very stressful on the kidneys, liver, and digestive system.

My husband went on such a diet some years ago...he lost weight and watched his cholesterol and blood sugar drop. But his blood pressure rose and he developed some very miserable digestive problems. He felt sluggish and draggy. It was not sustainable.

We are now Nutri Bullet users...for two months. One large green drink per day, which may consist of a couple of cups of dark greens plus banana, fresh strawberries, blueberries, apples, pineapple, mango, etc., frozen mixed fruit, walnuts, almonds, chia, pumpkin seeds, ground flax, greek yogurt, almond milk......the combinations are endless! That's breakfast.

I fix healthy suppers for us with an emphasis on veggies, legumes, and very little meat. He eats fast food crap for lunch. :-)

Our "numbers" on everything went down and did so rapidly. Robert has lost over ten pounds. My many stomach and digestive issues are gone. His doctor told him that if this keeps up, she will start taking him off medications.

Which kind of diet would you rather have? :-)

P.S. Our carbs (except for Robert's lunch) are restricted to those from fruits, vegetables, whole grains, legumes, and nuts. No simple sugars or white carbs.

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Most pre-diabetics and diabetics I know are instructed to eat low GLYCEMIC, not low carb.
They do very well and aren't stressing their systems.

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If your doctor put you on that diet and you go back in a week or so, I would take his word over what you get over anyone here at this board.

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Thanks for all the info! I have a meter and am checking the numbers closely, they are coming down. My morning numbers are in the range of 100-110, and that is higher than it should be, the rest of the time it seems to be good, but even on the low carbs I still have the same numbers in the morning. I have done this diet for about 2 weeks. I am still a little sluggish, but have found the energy to start back walking for exercise, so hopefully I am over the "hump" there. All of my other blood work is good, the doctor just thinks she can "shock" my system, and she is right, it has been a big shock!

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Have no doubt--there is a huge learning curve here, Sisto, and I had a similar experience in 2012. Seriously, check with your local hospital to see if they have a diabetes education class. I attended the class, and it was very helpful. They gave class attendees many helpful materials.

I cut carbs to 30 per meal and 15 per snack but usually eat lower than that. I also started walking 1 mile a day. During last year I lost 25 lbs. and learned a new way to eat. My a1C came into normal range, but I must continue to eat as a diabetic. It's difficult to get in the protein without boosting the cholesterol. I eat a lot of nuts and cheese for snacks. Sandwiches only have one slice of bread. Fruit, just eat 1/2 unless it's small.

Next time you go to the grocery store, read labels to find out where carbs are. I was quite shocked when I did this. Note that bread can vary a bit usually between 15 and 20; you want the 15 of course.

There is a very nice and friendly website (like KT here) where you can ask questions and get help from people who know a lot about pre- and diabetes. They even have a separate forum for pre's like us. You join, but it's free and they never email you or anything like that. There is a chat room which is good too where people can help you.

Here's another site which you might find helpful when you are trying to figure out how many carbs are in certain foods.

20 carbs per meal isn't much, but it certainly is way more than one lettuce leaf! LOL!

I know this is overwhelming and wish you luck. Your approach is much like mine, not wanting to take diabetes drugs. Maybe we will be diabetic at some point, but we must fight it as long as we can. Good luck.

Here is a link that might be useful: Diabetes Daily

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

We did for probably almost 2 years and our numbers did drop but the diet just was not realistic for us and eventually we slid back.
I also highly recommend anyone with diabetes or pre to go to diabetes school you learn so so much about yourself, the disease and what is happening in your body. The info you gain is invaluable. Learning glycemic index is key. IF your doctor prescribes it insurance will pay.

Also you mention your morning fasting numbers I have high morning numbers it is from what is called Dawn Effect some people just are that way. No matter what I do and try it is that way. So as long as we understand that, I work on keeping the rest of the numbers in line.
This is an explanation of Dawn effect or phenomenon from webmd
Dawn phenomenon. The dawn phenomenon is the end result of a combination of natural body changes that occur during the sleep cycle and can be explained as follows. Between 3:00 a.m. and 8:00 a.m., your body starts to increase the amounts of counter-regulatory hormones (growth hormone, cortisol, and catecholamines). These hormones work against insulin's action to drop blood sugars. The increased release of these hormones, at a time when bedtime insulin is wearing out, results in an increase in blood sugars. These combined events cause your body's blood sugar levels to rise in the morning.

I do take the Trunature Advanced Strength Cinsulin cinnamon capsules daily and I take an Apple Cider vinegar combo pill I get at GNC which also helps.
I am currently investigating the benefits of bitter melon, the tea and the pills. I have bought the tea. I tried tasting the actual bitter melon and that was not happening. I may try the pills. There was a really good recent article discussing the medical studies on the results of bitter melon on reduced glucose numbers in the Diabetes self management magazine. Very positive results from legit sources and medical professionals.

I have very good instant results if I eat things soaked in vinegar. If I find my numbers are high I pour vinegar on chips or crackers or what ever I have that will absorb the vinegar quickly to get it into my system. I keep lots of kinds of vinegar around and eat a lot of vinegar, love it. But it will very quickly bring a high number down. I add pomegranate flavored wine vinegar to my water every day.

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Again, thanks to everyone responding, I am finding it very helpful and it makes me feel better that others have used this method to lower numbers.

I have not heard of the Dawn Effect, glad there is an actual name for it. I hope that doesn't lead to insulin just to control the morning numbers.

I have actually started taking the bitter melon pills, with the low carb diet, I kind of wish I had waited a little while to see if I needed both, now I won't know for sure if it takes one or both to lower it. I have also not heard of or read about vinegar being helpful, but I can try it if my numbers go high.

Thanks for the links to the other websites, I will check them out! I am trying to study and educate myself as much as I can on the pre- as well as the nutritional side of things, I will also check into educational classes, do I do that through the doctor's office, or just call the hospital?

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You could call the doctor first to see what they know about classes or educational programs available in your area. Then call the hospital too where you might get other information. Then you can decide what to do. For me, the classes were free, 3 evening sessions.

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

I got a prescription from my doctor for a specific location to get the diabetes education, I had to call them and get set up for classes and provide them the prescription which they filled with my insurance so it was paid for. The ones I attended are not free and would have been several hundred dollars. They lasted several days with tests and lots of great materials to keep for reference. I still have all of mine and occasionally refresh my memory.
I have never taken insulin, you are usually started on Metformin which is what I take daily. When you are not well controlled by the Metformin other drugs and insulin are considered.
I get the magazine and email newsletter from Diabetes self management it's an excellent resource. They had information on the vinegar studies not long ago. They also have good recipes.

Here is a link that might be useful: diabetes self management

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We were just discussing this subject on another board and CathyID mentioned the DawnEffect and I looked it up and was going to mention it when I noticed RavenC mentioned it. It seems lots of people have that issue...
I am dealing with the same issue ...High sugar numbers myself and am trying to get them under control...Have seriously changed my diet...not to only lean protein and greens but seriously...It is so hard because I am a carb a holic but when faced with the options, I am making the right choices. Country Sunshine was a serious low carb person for a long for blood sugar but for weight loss. she even made her own bread...

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I eat pretty low carb to keep my auto immune conditions under control. I don't eat any processed food except for the occasional gluten free bread. Personally, I didn't lose any weight but gained a little (which I probably needed). Check out some paleo websites for ideas. Here is a great banana bread:
3 cups almond flour
4 eggs
2 tsp vanilla
1 1/2 tsp baking soda
1/4 cup coconut oil, melted
3 mashed bananas
1 cup chopped walnuts
Bake at 350 for 30-40 minutes in 9x9 pan.
I will add some shredded zucchini or a cup of pumpkin puree and chopped dates, depending on my mood. I have great cholesteral numbers despite eating like this. I think as long as you keep processed foods out, it works out well. I got off all my medications with this lifestyle. I put my sons (2 and 12) on it and they are thriving as they were running into health issues too.
Google paleo recipes and you find a wealth of information. If you do decide to up your beef or egg consumption I would suggest free range, grass grazed beef and free range eggs. I notice a huge difference using these over conventional beef and eggs. When I do have carbs I will have some quinoa, white rice, corn (tortilla form) and potatoes - in smaller quantity and no more than once per day. If you have Netflix there is a pretty good video called Fathead.

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I've been doing South Beach for about 10 days. Low carbs, eating very healthy. I have substituted spaghetti squash for pasta and it is awesome with ANYTHING on it. The cauliflower mashed "potatoes" is also good. It's amazing how easy it is to remove carbs. I thought I'd crave pasta & potatoes, but really don't miss them. Good luck to you; 20 carbs a day is extremely low!

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Apparently no one here has read The China Study.

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I called my doctor's office and they offer classes on the third Tuesday of each month, that was yesterday, so I can plan to attend next month, but they gave me a website to check on classes offered at the hospital, some are free and some have a minimal fee, thanks for bringing that to my attention!

Yes, the 20 carbs a day is very low, but hopefully for only the 12 weeks. The hardest part is when everyone else gets to eat things and you don't.

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The hardest part is when everyone else gets to eat things and you don't.

That'll pass, Sisto. After awhile I could bake for my family without being tempted to take even a taste. Today, when I dine in a restaurant, I'm usually the only one who doesn't order dessert. It doesn't bother me at all to sit there while others eat their rich sweets. I think a kind of aversion therapy has taken place......I know how eating something like that would make me feel, so I seriously do not want it.

I meant to mention in my earlier post that low-carb eating eliminated my decades-long problem with acid reflux and also lowered my BP. It was 110/70 at the doctor's the other day.

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I was also going to mentioned the acid reflux, mine is completely gone and I didn't know if it was just me, because I hadn't heard anybody else mentioned it and I hadn't googled or anything to see if this is normal.

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Good for you, Sisto! Nice going, taking charge of this health issue. Just checking, are you sure it's 20 carbs a day, not 20 carbs a meal?

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Yes, it's 20 per day. My doctor thinks this will shock my system into behaving correctly, not sure what that means, but we'll see. I am only to have lean protein, and a few salad vegetables, no beans and very limited on cheese, but I can have all the water and exercise I want. She promises 12 weeks and I can add back a few carbs, but probably never the breads, potatoes, rice, pasta and sweets. I can live without those things (I think), I should be used to it by the time the 12 weeks pass. Only 10 more to go, but who's counting?

I am glad there will be other benefits from the low carb diet, I hope that convinces me to think this is a good idea. When she first told me about it I thought it sounded crazy, but now knowing more people have used this and shared the benefits I feel like it may be doable.

Thanks for the information, support, and helpful hints I really do appreciate them.

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my mother did her own version when her stats were higher than she liked...what she added was water arobics, much like glenda's class, only indoors (too hot in vegas for outside) her "meat" of choice was usually turkey breast she prepared for herself...she cut it up into protions and would last quite a while...she did indulge once in a great while dinners out with friends and use the "2 for" coupons in local vegas places..

i showed her how to add beef once in a while..bought for her and pre- made measured amounts of beef pattys (she loved hamburgers) those i froze and she used them maybe once a week?

but she was really proud of her numbers and maintained her weight...she and several of her swim friends also did tops...

her one downfall was salt and in the summer, lol, grapes!

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I hadn't thought about buying an actual turkey breast and baking it, deli meats are out due to the amount of sodium and that would give me another choice for meat. Sometimes when I am chewing chicken it feels like it is growing and I don't want to get burned out on it, so any other suggestions are appreciated.

I live in Tennessee, so too early for pools to be opened, and indoor pools are few and far between, so for now, walking and zumba are the exercises of choice. I can tell a difference in my energy level since I started back walking this week, but the the first few days I just didn't have it in me, hopefully it will increase as time goes on.

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

We started eating seafood particularly fish several times a week instead of beef and other meats. We are loving it.
When we were on the very restrictive diet one thing that happened to me was I quit having sinus infections. I used to just have them anytime pollen was in the air or anything like that, when they would harvest the corn omg it was horrible. But that stopped and also my asthma stopped. Both have stayed away even though I no longer practice that. I think it must have been some type of food allergy and stopping that particular food for that period allowed my body to heal and not be affected by it like it had been. I do wish I knew what in particular it was.

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I just have to share, this morning my "sugar" number was 98. That is the first time since I have been checking it is below 100. I have watched it come down little by little, from 114 to 98 ( I don't check it everyday). I believe the low carb diet is working and think it will be easier to stick to it now that I can see results. Thanks again for the helpful information. Anything else anyone thinks of or comes across please share.

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Wonderful! Congratulations. Keep up the good work, Sisto. You seem to be doing so well. I remember at your point I was overwhelmed. Used to counting calories, but this is a whole different thing.

Mine was high last night, and I was so mad at myself. I had skipped lunch--too busy to eat-- and was famished by dinner. We ate out, and I broke my own rules. This morning--103, so that's good.

Don't let yourself get too hungry.

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I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes at the end of feb.I've been going to classes,and have the last class on the 30th of this month.Classes are small so we all get lots of questions answered.

I'm allowed 30 grms of carbs per meal.I do that with no problem.I've never been a bread or meat eater,but did like my sweets.The hardest part was giving up my full glass of OJ in the morning,now I just have 4 oz,and am ok with that.Ice cream was/is another biggie,they said 1/2 cup,that for me is just a tease,so I quit buying the 1/2 gal,and just buy fudgeicles,and 50/50 pops now and limit myself to one,and not every day.

I snack on nuts,rice cakes,and I found these crackers called Jingos,that are made by Pepperidge farms,and I can have 23 of those at one sitting.They are small and tasty.I usually have them when I have cottage cheese.

So far I've lost 18#'s,and do feel better.I test 2 times a day,and I think the biggest help to me is that I write down everything that goes in my mouth.They didn't say I had to do this,but it helps me stay in control.I also take 1- 500 mg of metforim after dinner.

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Thanks Socks for the compliments, it helps keep me on the right track. Glad your number was lower this morning, I sometimes cringe before I look to see what the number is.

I too have been logging what I eat, but my husband doesn't think I am getting enough calories so I am trying to keep a watch on it. 18 #'s is great, I hope I am that lucky at the end of my 12 weeks, but if I get the sugar down I will have accomplished what I am trying to do (I'm not saying I won't be disappointed, but I am trying to keep my focus on the sugar).

Kathi share anything you have learned in class that might help the rest of us out.

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Lot's of good information on so many sites, but common sense still plays a big role in controlling your BS. Going to a diabetes education class, is the best thing you can do for yourself, The doctors office is good, but a one or two day class for a couple hours, is not long enough, with all you need to learn. Keeping your carbs low is good, but be careful to not make changes that will hurt you in the long run. One example is eating nuts. Not all nuts are created equal, so best to use a GI for a guide for the best choice. They are healthier than a lot of things, but as good as they are, the calories are as high. If you find yourself getting more tired than usual, you might need to up the amount of carbs. That is the fuel for you body, and it may be telling you you're out of gas! LOL Keeping a food diary is very benificial once you make it a routine. Knowing what you have eaten, makes tracking down any problems, easy to identify.
Here is a site I have followed off and on for years. You asked about anyone ,that low carb has help, and he is the guy. He tells how he did it, what to do about the DawnEffect etc. One warning, he advertises more than I like, but it keeps his site going. Good luck to you.

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I've been on a low carb diet for almost 40 years. I got there after low birthweight babies dying and having to research. My body doesn't handle carbs/sugars. I've had 2 6 hr.glucose tolerance tests -- scored 28 and 27. I should have gone into a coma both times. Soooooo, I watch the carbs. And at 63 I weigh 110-115 # (20-25# less than I did in high school) and have enough energy to help our daughter take care of 2 babies 6 days a week. It's all about learning about your OWN body. (I also do yoga every day. Because it's another thing I HAVE to.)

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If you want to understand the science behind limiting carbs, get a copy of the original "Protein Power" book written by Drs. Michael and Mary Dan Eades.

You might also want to look at their forums. There is one specifically on diabetes.

I think you have an excellent doctor.

Here is a link that might be useful: Protein Power forums

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Am learning a lot by reading this thread. I thought low carb was just be a matter of cutting out bread and other baked goods, rice, potatoes, pasta, etc., but I looked up fruit and one small banana already contains about 21 carbs. So there goes your carb allowance for the day. But congrats on getting your numbers down, that is very encouraging.

Question for those of you who do this all the time, what do you eat? Just basically meat/fish and greens and certain veggies?

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One thing you have to be very careful of is everything on the grocery shelf is loaded with some kind of sugar...Oh those people don't tell you it's sugar and they hide it under lots of different names but I promise you it is there...and no matter what they call is still sugar...I am borderline type2 and I am reading labels like crazy...what a shocker.......a rude awakening...

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petra, what I found out (about listening to my body) is that I started following a low glycemic diet before anyone came up with it. I don't handle sugar -- even sugar from fruit, But carbs from veggies don't set me off. For me ,it's the refined carbs (pasta,rice, bread, but not potatoes) that I have to be aware of. I do eat them, but in moderation. And I do eat small meals every 3-5 hrs. to maintain my glucose levels. For me, it's like being a diabetic without doing insulin -- low glycemic. I eat a forkful of the chocolate cake or a spoonful of the ice cream IF I have some protein to offset the sugar.(A slice of cheese? A handful of cashews?) I eat this way because I don't want my blood sugar to crash -- I have memories of how awful that felt.

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This is great information, THANKS! I have read and read from the links provided and I am soaking in as much information as I can, making bookmarks, and feeling much better about this way of eating. I signed up for a class, just an hour long class, this Thursday. Hopefully I will leave with some more helpful information and I will share.

Another question I have, if your BG should be less than 120 2 hrs after eating, what should it be 3 or 4 hours? I guess what I am asking is should it continue to drop until the next meal? or what is a good number before a meal? Maybe they will answer these questions in the class, but my doctor and I didn't cover this and I am checking but don't know exactly what I am looking for.

I have a lot to learn, and appreciate the help!

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Sisto, you need to work with your doctor to set your own goals. Everyone is different. What is ok for one person might not be for another.

That said, and just for the sake of conversation, as a pre-diabetic on no medication, here are the goals which my doctor set for me.

Waking up (fasting level) 85-110 mg/dl
Before meals (4 hours) 90-120 mg/dl
2 hours after meals less than 130 mg/dl

My problem is hunger and pickiness as to foods I like.

I eat quite a bit of peanut butter (6 carbs per 2T--watch out some has added sugar) and nuts which are high in fat and have carbs too, but I don't have a weight problem. Wheat Thins/Nabisco makes a flatbread which is 12 carbs for 2 crackers which I can melt some cheese on, making a good snack. Half and apple, glass of milk makes a good snack.
Eating out, make a good choice, and if it's not a good choice, only eat half, take the other half home for another meal. Besides carb count, quantity eaten is important too. When half a croissant might be ok, a whole one might be over the edge. Sandwich, just eat half. I make soup and stew and use a small amount of barley for the carb part of the recipe.

I don't miss pasta, potatoes, rice, and I do eat 1-2 pieces bread daily. I miss the quantity of fruit I used to eat. I miss the big 8 oz. glass of milk at dinner, which I can have but then something else has to go. I fail when the family goes out for frozen yogurt, because I have some too. I failed the other evening when the family ordered delivered pizza, but most of the time I do pretty good. We'll find out for sure when I have the next a1c test.

Sorry to ramble on, but it feels good to share with people who are "in the same boat."

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I just came back from two separate blood for my cancer doctors that precedes a upper torso MRI scan and one for a lipid test panel and A1C and another that I'm having trouble we will see how I am doing with the latest A1C..I am also going to see what she has to say about the latest thoughts that Zocor (which I take) may cause ) Type 2..

What ever it takes Ladies we have to get these numbers under control...the diabetes disease is not something we matter how good it tastes and how must we want it...when we are tempted. we have to think how awful the horrors of diabetes are. Most of us are at the stages that we can easily do something about it so lets band together and do it...

Here is a link that might be useful: Here is the link that Cathy ID posted

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I do not have an issue with my blood sugar, however my husband found out he was pre diabetic about a year ago... about the same time I joined weight watchers..and to date I have lost 60 lbs...just a short bit away from my goal YEA... So I have been eating VERY healthy....lots of lean proteins and LOTS of fresh hubby eats the meals I have been preparing so he now has his levels under control...The way we have been eating will be a life change for us...but truly nothing that we cannot handle..

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your doc's plan sounds alot like the Omni Diet, DH & I are about to try, it's 70% plant & 30% lean protein. This type of ultra low carb lifestyle is garnering a lot of attention because carbs/sugar has been linked directly to alzheimer's as well as obesity, diabetes, heart disease etc.... I already have low blood sugar and DH does not have blood sugar issues but we both want to get away from non-lean proteins, red meat, sugar & carbs because sooo much new research is saying to avoid those things at all cost. Foods today are not what they were 20+ yrs ago and I think research is just telling us how bad our food supply really is.

I wonder how many saw in the last couple weeks that red meat is now to be limited to 1 serving a week (7 days) and 4oz portion... ~ liz

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According to my doc, I don't have a blood sugar problem. But according to what I've read on various sites, my fasting glucose needs to be much lower. It's usually around 94 or so, but my 2 hour post-prandial is never above 105 and decreases after the 2 hour mark.

Hubby has the opposite problem, his fasting is always around 75, but post-prandial fluctuates. Sometimes 140, sometimes 120, sometimes lower. We both have a family history of diabetes and want to avoid coming down with it, which is why we started monitoring.

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