Overmount an Undermount??

azishotJune 20, 2012

This may seem silly but I received a REALLY good deal locally on an undermount sink and am getting new laminate counters. How can I mount this as a drop-in sink and make sure it doesn't ruin the particle board on the new counter? Same goes for mounting the faucet directly to the counter?

Thank you for all the help ahead of time!

Here is a link that might be useful: sink I bought

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Either a different sink or a different counter.

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School's out already?
Tempus Fugit.

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Nothing is a good deal if it is not designed for your intended application.

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Wise words. Out of curioustity what are the main differences? Just being nieve but wouldn't using an epoxy to keep in in place and silicon to seal it from water getting to laminate be fine?

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A topmount sink's flange is much larger and is designed to spread out the weight and have the sink "hang" from it when supported by a counter. An undermount sink's flange does not usually widen out enough to be able to use it to support the weight of the sink properly on laminate. That flange merely has to come into contact with a small area of solid counter when undermounted. The brackets or cradle support the actual weight and spread it out through the surrounding stone or to the cabinet below. 1/4" of metal resting on plastic on particle board isn't sufficient safe support for a heavy sink full of water.

There are some "dual mount" sinks that have a large flat flange that can work either way, but that sink ain't one of them.

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